Monday, October 27, 2008

Changi beach sunrise shooting

Bird on barrel
Across the skies
MP: Ray to the heaven
Misty Beach

  Went out with photography friends at clubsnap ECP Group. Woke up at 4.30am to find myself drained. Rush to Kembangan Mrt to meet up with Edward and Daniel to hitch a ride. 

  Meet up with other photographers at the changi beach. Was pretty surprise that everyone is earlier than us. I was still sleepy so my brain just remain stone until I went to washroom to wash up. 

  Total there are 7 photographers who taken part in this activity. We set up the tripod and other items on to the camera , black card etc etc. The sun was being covered up by the cloud till some time until high up in the sky breaking through the cluster of cloud. Went for breakfast and straight to bed with air con when reach home. =X

  Went out for dinner invitation during the evening. Chill until 10.30pm and rush back home to do my projects. Learn something during the dinner with everyone down there. Love it!! -)

  Reach back home to realize no motivation. RWAR!!! Alright, projects is now crushing on me. Work harder. -S


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