Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going for a better future.

A pretty old photo taken....since I am living quite near east coast park. Once in a blue moon went to take sunset and enjoy the starry night there. Thought I feel better if someone tag along. =P

Open in new window will be better to view in full size although I resize it less than 400kb. =X

My apology if you found my previous entry is too emo. I just happen to be emo for that day. 

Went to xL , Sam , Ai ling , Ken , Matthew and Leonny blog and get to realize I need to be strong. Sam entry is inspiring. -)

I shall follow the flow with the time and once the story is set. I will move on for a better future. 

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  1. hey..... what in my blog makes you realise that you must be strong? =P