Saturday, October 25, 2008

The growth of a child?

It been in my mind for a pretty long time. I am not parent but I did have my so called family. There are many things that is out of my knowledge thus the rest is up to how all of you think.

All new born child are pure and innocent. They learn everything from the scratch. They are lovely and cute. They have the angelic smile that brighten your days. Parent found themselves new experience and of course matters to handle about the upkeeping of a child.

The growth of child in an environment is extremely important as it can be the key decision for the child future and their own mind set. A child that grow in with a single parent tend to go astray as the singe parent need to work and no one is able to guide the child about life and the difference between right and wrong. They have become lost and have no idea what is wrong with them. As time pass each day , they become a puppet without a mind of their own. They need love and attention from their family. As far as what I see till now, I saw many reach the point of no return and they regret their past a few years after working in the real society. Being outcast and despise by the so call upper class of citizens. Shadow gloom across their future and where is the help?? Where??

In singapore.Odd job and social job like waiter , promoter etc etc are in fierce competition with foreigners like malaysian , indonesia , india , china , tawian plus plus. They get low pay but they save the money and when they convert the singapore currency to their own country currency. It multiple!!! Singapore government need to do something to help those people who are low educated and poor more. Alright back to the growth of a child.

A child study daily and still have to put up with tuition on weekend burning their childhood away. They can be clever but how about morally? We can see high educated people working and earning money. They send their parent to old folk home for the sake of convenient. And when they are old , the children do the same. Thus it become a cycle and a common sign. It is alright if your child are weak in study or slow in learning. The most important thing is to ensure your child have a basic foundation of moral. As least they are upright , caring , generous , kind and forgiving etc etc.

Forget scolding your children when they done something. All those harsh words and beating only create a fear in them. Sooner or later the fear accumulate and when it burst. Your children will rebel against you. Guide them slowly with your kind word as they are your children and they are small. They are not robot or adult who can think so narrow minded. If you keep a pet , you should know how to make a pet like you.

Listen to them first!!! Never assume and overrun your child voice or decision. Let them try and learn. Give a hand when they fall. Encouragement , motivation and inspiration is the main factors for every single child in this world to grow to be a understanding man. Be happy whenever they are excited in new things. It is good to let them create a dream for themselves. They need love from parent , sibling , relative , friends and even strangers.

Strict yet flexible , give your child some freedom to expand their creativity and happiness. I understand this is quite general and it is easy to say. This is based from my view.

As a parent , you should set yourself as a role model. Each behavior seen by your own child will influence them. So if you are smoking , they will be curious and will try without you around. Manner and politeness is very important so be cautious with your words and language. Be loving to your spouse as they are also part of the key for your child growth.

So please do not divorce when you got a child. They will be the one who get affected the most. I have seen how talented people go astray just because the whole family breakup. Parent alway quarreling at home , throwing all kind of funny things around and in worst scenarios parent wrestle on the floor. You can just shout 1 2 3 DING DING DING just like WWE.

I would suggest one of the parent to stop working and stay at home nuturing their child. It help alot seriously as child get affection and love in home and outside home.

Divorce cases have reach 1746 for year 2007 in singapore. It is not a crime to divorce but dont you all think that it is wrong? If you are married , will the love commitment toward each other fade along with the time? Let ask ourselves what do we really see in our lifetime partner?

I`m pretty upset to see friends and relative astray just because of family background problem. Extra affair been spoken several times and I think guys are lustful but that doesnt give anyone else a valid reason to go play around. Respect your wife respect your marriage.

I know I am naggy but hope you all understand what I am thinking. -)

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