Sunday, October 5, 2008

Macritchie-BukitTimah Route March

The 23 Shooters for the Route March. Ready  men!! 
The early birds who reach before 7am. I`m still feeling drowsy. =S
Bird go emo just in the morning. Feeling lonely? 
An event we happen to pass by
Luo han!!! A very famous in the past which is believe to give owner luck* 
No feeding monkey allowed. =D
A secret Route. Got my left shoes soaked with water by accident. X_x||
Turtle turtle!!!
Tomb along the reservoir shore. Another hidden* route
Fly fly fly!! I`m a dragonfly~~> XD

School of fish swimming around. 

  Wake up around 5.40am on sat. Meet up with Paul at siglap center before fetching Edward and straight to Macritchie reservoir. Feel so sleepy...... >.<

  The walk is 8km plus. Quite alright until I realize in the first place I should never ever bring my 3kg plus Tripod. Having problem catching up, the moment we got to walk upslope. The terrain was rough. Overall it is a very healthy and tough exercise for me. 

  Get to have some shot in the early route till some part, the Organizer speed up for the march. 

  I do not know what to say for this trip. It is very fun , exciting and of course a tedious one. The funniest part is that we spilt into 2 group because 1 of the group wanted to have a rest at mac. There are only 6 people who reach the summit of bukit timah hill while the 17 people went to mac and enjoy the food and air con!! XD 

  The moment I take a slip of coke, I feel so so refresh!!!! Power up!!! XD Shoick!!!!!! I think everyone also feel like in heaven the moment we have our food. Hehe....

 Went for a pool session for a short while before heading back home with Edward and Paul. Was supposed to go for the Fire borne event shooting. However my leg turn jelly and feel so drained so in the end didnt went. -_-||

Thought for this week:

  Things seen to turn for a better point. Yet that the point making me a loss of my own direction. 

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