Sunday, October 12, 2008

My first actual wedding shooting


More Red packets for Entry

A stroll down the corridor


Orchid Country club Ball Room


A joyous moment

Our kiss
Pouring our heart together as one
A toast for us and our future

Several snap of my first actual wedding shooting here. I`m not the main photographer though. This job is very exciting and challenging. We need to move around to capture the moment* which is hard as their movement are unpredictable and or course constantly adjust the lighting along with the surrounding light available.

Firstly I must thx my Old time Buddy Wei quan for giving me opportunity as well as both the wedding couple the hospitality for everything. Hope they will like my shots too. =D

I getting more interested for wedding shot as I love the atmosphere in the ball room. The songs played , the activities and almost everything you will love it. It is so romantic to see how a new wed couple is born right in front of your eye.

Why did I ever wanted to be a photographer is because I want to take photo for different target audience and make them good. Food shot for a F@B to advertise how nice the food is being cooked by the restaurant. Fashion shot to promote the branding and style of respective design by different companies for different customers. Product shot and commercial shooting are consider the main role I am going for. Every different direction of photographer have 2 main concept. To let their customer to remember it forever and bringing a smile on their face.
This is what I think.

I feel very happy whenever I spot I snap a good one for the wedding event. I`m going for more. Time to ask for lobang. =D

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Ken : Trust me, I `m been listening to this song over and over again for days. Although I been feeling frustrated over myself for being helpless. I`m still glad this song smoothen me for this whole week. =)

Jeff: Wonder you still single. =P

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