Friday, October 17, 2008

Product Shot

Yes, it is Ferrero Rocher!!

My grandmother Ring =X

Both are the final work submit for the previous term in photography. We get to do research about controlling light , perspective , composition and prop that can further enhance the product/ food. 

Sound easy? You gonna try it and then you will understand how will it be like. Challenging as you have to think out of box to capture the eye of those target Audience or passerby in the street. 

Note: During my 2 previous entry, I have forgotten to mention the main photographer lily. It been a pleasure knowing her and thank you for all the guidance during the banquet shooting. Not also forgetting her advise too. Hope will get to see her again. XD

Secondly is to my ex-Employer Isaiah for his guidance and the words I told him. I will do my best for the coming internship. I enjoyed working under him!! X)

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It been a very long while ever since we get to gather again. Will look forward for the next gathering. -)

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