Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Searching for graphic/Advertising Internship

A fun shot done in studio.

This is my new portfolio website. Have a look at my works!! 

Not fully compile and due to some personal issue, I wont be uploading several of my graphic works. Will try to finish upload whatever I think is needed. 

School holiday is coming soon at the end of Nov till first week of Jan. So was thinking of getting internship to learn more in industrial level. However I`m more interested in advertising line as it need more concept and lucky enough it can be working in pair or as a team. 

Internship is widely recommended as it give student a chance to have the feel of how is it like to be working in their area of field. Not only that, a student learn and get more exposure during this period of time. 

In design , advertising and post production, students get to learn alot of new design style, current market demand, understanding of client , building up skill of speaking , further in depth understanding of design software related, learn more toward time management and stress control since these line is stress ( challenging I mean ) and crazy deadline. So it fun and exciting and horrible too. At the end of the internship , I believe each student in this area actually are mentally prepare for the coming final year project. 

Fighting for the position of either a creative director or Art director isnt easy as we need to have abit of talent and good working attitude. A vast knowledge in this imaginary world is a bonus. Well versed in the market strategic tactic and much much more. 

Yup!! That all I want to say. =D

Give me any lobang if you happen to have. =) Internship for at least 6 weeks!!! 
E-mail me the contact so I can send my resume. XD

Replied to everyone in the tagboard. Thank you very much for the comment, will continue to improve my shooting. =)

Was surprise by someone who write a comment and deleted it later. What did he write? =O

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