Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Alien Times: Sleep Eating

We heard of sleep talking  and sleep walking but anyone seen a sleep eating behavior before? Been observing my hamsters during the night while they are still sleeping , they will close their eye and chewing their food happily away. It a normal action but feel they are just so so so cute!!! =D

Will be busy for the upcoming weeks due to the assessment and the search for internship. This week seen to be a brain sucker period for me. Squeezing out my brain cell into my work. I now wonder how much brain cell produced each day and how much I squeeze them out daily. If one day my brain just shut itself down, declare me dead so I can donate my organ to the society. Nothing is impossible so it`s alright just to say it out. =P

Wont forget that my proposal essay every 2-3 sentence have either grammer, spelling, tense and broken sentence mistake. Seriously have to think about improving english or I will be a laughing stock of myself. 

Ladies and Gentleman, language is a very powerful tool for you to communicate and express yourself freely without being afraid of causing confusion. My english language was so singlish and broken that sometime my classmates get no idea of what I mean. It funny at times and people may like it but when it come to working society, it will be a total self destruction. It is a value to ourselves. Even you may not understand the importance of it , try to improve it while you are still young before feeling the claws from the people out there.

Thank alot to Ah Lin, Skyimage, Angie21, Wei Yan, Xue Yang and Ping siong for guiding and sharing their experience with me. More motivation and will start rushing the assessment again.

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