Sunday, November 9, 2008


Very Sudden but just wish to tell everyone that there is alway a karma.

Sometime I wonder why everytime I say the truth, there will be people who doubt my words. I will say I dont spend so time on designing on one project and the market out there require not only good visual and crazy deadline and lastly budget.

All designer with passion have known and if our passion aim is to design something expressively from us. We will like the challenge more than ever.

Each design are unique and have different target audience. So it will be rude to say bad about the work unless constructive comment are given just like consulting your fellow employees or your employee who feel there are different direction to explore.

Art is not 100% so is photography. There will be people who like the same photo as well as people who dont like it. It their own preference.

So it will be good and not to be dishearten that people do not like your works for it could be the wrong target audience you have.

That how I get to witness it.....What you design , dont try to submit unfinished work.

You reap what you sow.


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