Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A comment on the past entry of my previous blog

I got an e-mail informing me about a comment left in one of my old blog by a visitor. Went to have a look and this is what she say " Good word"

You are the brightest star that illuminate the heart of people. Thou you attract many ye you await only one. Whoever you choose, it definitely happiness that follow after your decision. Shine brightly in the skies.............

This sentence was written down on 03 Oct 2007 and it is for someone I like very much. Although I had to admit not long ago I had given up waiting for a miracle but I didnt regret anything. 

I think it will be create an ending sentence for her too. So here goes nothing.

My Belief
So 2years and a half had pass with the iron curtain of gloom. Never had there been a moment of any light streaking into your heart. Despair and disappointment lurk in every danger that swallow every single courage from my heart. Faith and hope are the key and my sole belief for you yet it never enough to reach for you heart.

Winter is reaching soon and it spelled the end to all my faith and my love for you. I will be happy for I know that at least this one sided love is committed faithfully without fail. The freezing dead ice can bury me and take me down to hell with them but the memory of the past will be the light of my life. 

I never get to see summer and anymore changing season. None will remember my past and so is the millions of people out there with the same heart as me. We will and shall bless those who deserve true love to carry on our wills....

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