Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Escape Artist

Sheepish is hungry for food. A bait tactic I found from a blog. =P

I know it been a long time since I have post photo of my hamster. Both hamsters are doing fine and not fine for me. Nimble the smaller hamster keep on bully Sheepish the fat hamster during the night. Couldnt have a peaceful night. 

It happen last week when both of them crawl out of the hamster cage. The door is spoil but still firm  so the question is how on earth did they open the door. =/ 
Woke up on the morning to find the cage empty. Get myself a big torchlight and start scattering food at every dark corner. Wait for a while and found one of the hamster taken the bait. 

I want to give one hamster away!!!! Just e-mail me if you want. It free ok!!! I am giving the smaller one. Yup yup.

Still rushing my assessment and need a good hibernate ability like bear. 

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Thx thx, Still trying to improve on my cartoon character. =)

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