Monday, November 10, 2008

Hoping Miracle for other

I return home and watch Life transformer with my parent. It was a very short 30 show about the true life of someone. In this epsiode, it about the life of a young lady who was going to be in her prime when she was struck down with a virus. =(

I was confuse about the gender of the person when I first saw her/him. Was shocked that he was a she....okok... I was really shocked to see the appearance of her before and after the illness. I couldnt help wondering why does it happen to her. I believe viewers that watch this epsiode couldnt believe such a pretty girl have deteriorate to such a stage. Parent and sibling have spend alot on her medical expenses.

Out of curiousity, I ask my father is there any hope for her. My father explain that she suffered a brain damage due to the heat*. High fever for 2week is a very serious problem for anyone even for a physically strong able person. The chance to recover is very small but there is alway miracle. There is miracle everyday every moment every second. As long they do not give up hope, the heaven will be touched by their action and hopefully one day, they will find miracle.

She is 26 now and she maybe in that state forever. No words can explain my feeling for her. What can she do in the future? Who will alway be by her side till her last breath? What if she got a boyfriend during that time? Life is not easy as mentioned but it spelled the ending for her bright future.

I am speechless and this is what I think. I am lucky person to have a good family even though my mother is way too naggy but she still love me. My father is a quiet person but he is the silent predator and alway guide me the way of life. My brother used to fight with me and we have broke almost everything in the house but we also love each other for we know brother are hard to have so is family.

I like to complain and whime in the past but as the same time I appericate and cherish more thing. Life is fragile and people will never understand this until the moment they face the crisis themselves. Let this be known that parent love are unconditional and so is family love.

The miracle I alway have is dead not long ago but I wish miracle will happen on the girl Wanying (If I`m not mistaken )

If miracle doesnt happen then please fall it on someone who need it. There are many people out there who suffer more than us, people who are starving , terminal ill ( cancer, Aids= chronic disease ) , orhpan , deserted elder, handicapped , mentally/physically disabled etc etc.

I can understand that this is life. It just happen, it is fate. God can explain it and it alright. Yet tears will flow along such a consoling sentence.

We are lucky whether we are born poor or born as slow learner. Each of us have our own weakness in our appearance, character/ Attitude and thinking but we should be happy for these are the thing we can learn to improve and we can change it. Be happy that we live be happy alway and forever.

Wish the one you love to be happy, wish everyone in this world to be happy and wish for a peaceful world. I just wish everyone can get a smooth sailing. Life is meaningful and beautiful.

So try not to end your own life for there people who are fighting for their lives. You must endure the rain before seeing the rainbow. If ever there come a day when you are helpless, think of the one you love think of your family and people around you.

If that does not help, you might as well come talk to me. Hahahhaa =P

Hope everyone have a nice day.

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  1. i was searching for the tv show when I chanced upon your entry. Yup, me too was totally absorbed and my heart goes to Wanying. Seeing her brings me alot of reflects on my own life, how naive was I once, to take my own life while others are struggling to stay alive and well.