Monday, November 24, 2008

Life Transformer of Mei mei life

Went back home early from attachment since my brain cells seen to be totally toast...

Sit down and watch life transformer with my grandma. =)

In this episode, it is about a family of 7. A father was sick and have to work. A mother who got liver problem. The most amazing part is that the parent are supporting 5 children. In singapore when expenses are high and soar like superman...Oopx... jk... =PpP

It is very hard to support 5 children and by watching 40 mintues of the video ( reach home at 8.20pm ) I was touched by the show and really applaud to those volunteers. All the volunteers in this world are doing a great job. It can be just a small task by when accumlated it can make a great difference in those needy people lives.

It is hard to nuture a child well and it is a great commitment in everyone lives. The parent love for their child is so great that any hardship to them is nothing. What they only wish is their children to grow up well and healthy.

I am speechless when seeing the house condition and I think I really love the part when the cane are found behind the ward robe. Just make me remember all the cane my parent bought not long ago are alway being dump behind the ward robe and also the rubbish chute. Weee~~!!! XD

It is an one hard work for everyone to help clean up the whole room and was shocked to an nest of ant in the kitchen. Christopher lee just spray the pesticide on them straight away...spray spray!!! -X

Naughty kid are hard to educate and there is alway a proper method to handle these problems. I cant be sure of myself if ever I gonna be a father. Who know I just let the mother be the evil person and I be the mr nice guy saving my own children. Hehehe.....

Love is commitment and I really salute both of them for their faith toward each other. Poor but lovingly family within the poor house condition. Money cannot buy everything but I cannot survive without money also......Ooopx... =X

First day of attachment was great although I still never get to meet how my boss look like. Make a big round of walking around Farrer park figuring out which office was it. Love the fact I am working along with another designer and it just happen to be my school mates!! 2 brain is better than one.

Designing styles and Strategy approach discussion are so exciting. Get to discuss with Hana the visual effect and typography about obout project. I think I really like this internship. Need more times to produce more brain cells.....

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