Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Couldnt sleep peacefully as something is troubling me. I guess today I will just whine my whole day off, please go away if you dont like me whining. =X

It gonna be the last day when we will be same class again. All this time, I just keep quiet and never take initiative. Let just admit I am afraid of rejection. Very afraid. Some people are stubborn lot and I guess I am one too in this area.

There isnt any good start for me and the progress wasnt either a pleasant one. Tackling a girl wasnt my field and I will stuck to the ground. Appearance , background and character, I may lack part in each topic. People will console you to have more confidence but my confidence was swept away whenever I see her.

Everyone got their cup of coffee and apparently I am not her type. A cup of coffee no matter how it taste like or the customer favorite. Isn`t it the best when it warmth in the hand?

It was a short cross over of our destiny to meet.

Wash me away,
wash my heart away,
far far away,

blow me high,
high up into the empty sky,
up to the moon,

burn me into ashes,
melt my heart slowly,
the pain in my heart,

everything was true,
yet an illusion,

a message to be send,
beneath the depth of my heart,
a silent one...

the sky look so clear,
the sun is so warmth,
ye snow in my heart,

maybe it fate,
maybe not,
only god know,

getting close to you,
was hard was exciting,
was painful,
was fatal too,

thou ever wonder,
wonder why it you,
it been you all the while,

thousand of honey words,
my mouth cant produce.

simple romance,
I may not ensure,
I am still willing,

what do we really want?
good figure...
sweet voice...

If so, let remain silent..

till the time when river dried up,
only then the truth surface,

we shall blade farewell,
heart to heart peacefully,
moving on to the next chapter.....

Love require effort, we know it. How can a love be aquire when no effort is done and by keep quieting? How can love be form when communication is so poor. How to create love out of nothing? Love love love, it a sweet posion that everyone is willing to die for it.

I am willing to start everything from the scratch. An ending is also a new chapter of life and an add on of the previous chapter. Every single page I flip of my life, there alway an image of you. Only know to put my word down in this diary because this is my own world without the fear of confessing to you.

Today is the last day, all my hope just dim away......

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