Sunday, November 16, 2008


Remain speechless after reading a mail.

It is pointless to express what I want. Different interest different attitude and different route we will walk. Till this day, if ever you regret the path you taken. Then you should stop and look back reflecting the past memories of your and get going when you find strength.

Some people treat you well while some treat you with disrespect. Some just love stabbing your back and you get hurt. Some remain netural and they see everything. It is hard to find true friend and friends disappear as time flow. You find new friends and lose old friends.....this is a kind of life.

My secondary school life is indeed the best of my life. 1 class have 40 people but united even spilt into group. Different group but united under the name of the class. The period of time where I grow up and trust every single of them easily. We laugh and chat , we know our manner and courtesy. Naughty but we know our limit. Suffer but never along for I know there will alway be people joining in the punishment by the teachers. I never experience any bad influence or incident in my school life. Even someone try to bully one another, we find more support from the class and even neighbour class. This is the most glory moment I even stood to witness. I had my belief and faithfully hold onto it.

Alas everything changed when I shift to my teritary education. Learn how to close up my heart and the way of living alone. Not everyone can be trust easily, there are people who just like to make use of other. Political problems , social problem and other blah blah. It is a good lesson to learn and it help me to be mentally prepare for the future that there are people who bastard and only know how to depise people. Some people who like to play as hypocrite. Expect more when you are stepping into the real society of life. If caught unprepared then you may end up suffering more.

I get to know. The world is beautiful and the ugliest thing in this world is nothing more than just a human heart.

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