Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding of Rijal & Yanti

I went for an exposure shooting invited by Skyimage on last sunday at Changi village hotel. Get to work 2 other photographers as well, Iskandar ( 2nd ) and Helmi ( 4th ) From the left. So total there are 4 active photographer including Skyimage.

Upload more since I got much more time to spend with editing and uploading. So here goes the story..

He drop his hair wig accidentally.... x)

The couple employ an emcee on that night. It was so fun with him around. Got to have supper with him and I asked him is he an indian muslim? He reply back that he is from japan!!! XD

After getting to learn with active photographer. I know it time to prepare more batteries for the external flash. Apparently 8 energizer is not able to sustain for just one night. A kit len is good and it produce decent shot. However the restriction of a kit len is easily spotted when you know there are some of the shot you are unable to take. Come and think about it, even my client are happy with the photos. I will be still frowning away. I want to get my ideal shot and I know I am still way back the professional. I will continue to work harder.

Got an deal at december. I charged the client $218 from morning till afternoon. A worthy deal I guess. Can earn extra pocket money and get more exposure. 

Marriage is indeed a sacred moment of each people life. Do not expect too much from one another and live in contend. Love is around us but hard to reach for it. 

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