Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Alien times: Happy New Year 2009!!

Get into a forest with a good clearing. Sit down onto the soft patch of grass with several firefly flying around illuminating the surrounding quietly. Hold your lover hand tight and give her a hug when the fireworks start. Hold on together till the firework end, end the night with 'I love you' before start walking back and returning home.... =D

As usual there is going to be countdown with lot of fireworks to fire in the night!! Wonder what to do on the night?

Get a good spot around singapore river and enjoy the firework during the count down. Marine barrage is a good suggestion although I know there will be plenty of people preparing their camera to snap the sky of color. 

Happy new year 2009 everyone!!! All the best to you all! x)


  1. yoz..... advanced happy new year to you!

  2. hey... inspired by you... I did 2 design of my own pictures for the new year! =P Do check it out!