Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy for this week

Didnt get the chance to update for this few days and most likely the chance I will update the blog will be next monday.

The Nuffnang company I`m working in had actually invited the whole internship as part of the family to join all the activities which was awesome. The company was offcially off for 2 days to celebrate and even invite the malaysian branch over to singapore too.

On wed, we get to mixed around with the malaysian nuffies at novena square there to have lunch together then show them to perak hotel and then show them our new office. The malaysian nuffies are very friendly and nice people. We went to east coast lagoon hawker center to have our dinner before going back home. =D Love the foods there espcially the satay and the sting ray!!

Thursday we went to zoo and lunch at chong pan. Was surprise that the price at chong pan was so cheap! Next time if there a going to be a reunion dinner or lunch, definitely it will be there! Well....I still have no idea how to go there......hehe

Then we went for paintball and in the night time we went to watch Snow white and the seven dwarf. Oopx...need to do my stuff...must cut off..will update with photos!!

Will be going to DXO as photographer later. I only hope my shot will be better!! Wish me luck!! =)

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