Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chinghow 21th Birthday party!!

The total number who attend the party. Spot how many are actually hiding too! x)
Ngee poly product design class <----  Dota Garena Team!! left to right- ( Cant remember, Cant remember also, Shylonerz, Thescarifice, Oldmemory and 2nd-Hamsterlord.

Play with us long enough in dota in Garena, you will alway know 2nd-hamsterlord because he is the idiot who alway kanna first blood. x)

2nd surprise team on the mission to deliver the 2 birthday cakes to our birthday boy and girl. 
Cakes bearer. The candles flame almost went out during the walk as the moving air seen to be quite strong. The candles was already half burnt when we reach the destination. Cakes with wax taste yummy.... =X
Our birthday girls and guy! 
blow blow.....look like bj to me. =X
blow 2
Me and Ray! I get to know him online half a year ago. Wasnt really close to him and I didnt know I had play with him in dota together for quite a period of time. 
Yuan man and me!! One of my closest brother to me and now then I remember this year me , yuan and chen ming wont have a chance to take our family photo. Bros forev3r! XD
Me and my buddy Hiutung. -)
{ ' '} post
Friends forevers!!
A bite.....zombie biting!!
Cute cute!!
A present 
winnie the pooh!!!
Ben act cute..... =X

Birthday is a good reason to gather all your friends and let them mixed around. I think it is good to have a birthday party!! x)

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