Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finish my website design!! XD

Was very happy the moment Ming accepted the website design. Must thank Hanaa for her laptop because my dreamweaver software cause a bug which make the whole website ugly like hell! Had to stay very last night to figure out and solve the bug problem which send me to on my panic mode running away in the office when I realise there no solution. Hanaa is a good colleague because I can disturb her whenever I am in stress mode. The best thing when you are stress is to tok to something and say anything you feel even it is random. 

Spend 1 day to take photos and edit the photos of the interior building. Spend 3 days on the website. Dreamweaver is actually simple if you know the basic command and basic function. Pm Hanaa and Clara when I am feeling stress. Ming take us around to eat this few days and was XD 
Get to eat fantastic food and also get to know more places that have good foods. I wasnt familiar with singapore location but somehow everytime when we got a ride to different place. I can recall but by bit where is where. However I think I will forget everything again...

Playing music when you are driving is good. The best part when you are driving fast and play initial D music or those rock/techno music will drive you to go faster. Was enjoying the ride whenever ming tend to drive fast fast! =3

One of my colleague happen to fall sick...Better recover hor Clara! Just remember to wash your eye properly. =P 

Something flash into my mind while I was working.

1-( The last thing I will ever want to do is break off with someone I had fall in love with. Obstacles and misfortunate do fall on everyone but holding each other side by side over the barrier will make love stronger. )-

That how I really think. At least it serve as a good memory.

2-(We know, we maybe together for now but not forever. Isn`t it worth trying before making assumption?)-

3-Rain or shine, I will be waiting for you. Just dont give up

Everything is worth trying. You dont try you dont know. It simple, Ming told me just try. Regardless of the result, in the end you will learn something valuable. And the experience will carry on with you in the future. 

Nuffnang is a company that not let you learn in the skills you have but also personal character development. It a company where everyone help each other and a boss that inspire me and broaden my exposure. I enjoy working under Nuffnang as my internship with fun colleagues and a funny boss. x)

Was laughing my head off when Ming my boss actually type msn to louis about the school result. I was asking how louis result and louis just reply soso. So Ming type 'My result headshot your result' and 'Bang bang bang' I was speechless after seeing what Ming type. Hahahahaa..what the

Change my music for this blog. x) 

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