Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Apology

I have no idea whether you are expecting me to wish u anything during merry christmas. I have no idea how am I suppose to ask u out when you are not in singapore during christmas. My brain is the size of the peanut so forgive me if you are going to be disappointed in me. Should have wish you first before asking you how christmas. Crap...

Whatever happened in the past is over but not the future. I believe in fate and I guess it is really the last time for me to be what I am. I dont admire you because the truth is I want you. You wont know how much thing I alway want to tell you and how much I wanted to go shopping and camwhore with you. My fatal mistake is I just talk too much and often I fail myself to take any initiative. -(

Oh gal, it time for you to know that you alway make my mind blank. And because of my freaking stupid self demoralizing and self contradicting, it just waste more than 2 years of my time. And you have to know "U are the best gal I ever met. " x)

If you are reading my blog, get ready to have a meal with me after school. =)
I will try to materialize the class lunch on the first day of school even though there are going to be 10 new classmates. =/

This post is chewed by the 2nd.hamsterlord driven crazy missing somebody. He know he gonna  be in deep shit if that gal know about it and he know the remaining the school term that will start soon in Jan will mean hell to him if anything goes wrong. 

He wanted to thank all his bro, sis, daughter, buddy, friends, colleagues and family who guide him regarding about his stupid romanticism idea and being too idealistic. 

Clara Clara!! She the flower I am waiting for and there maybe plenty of flowers for me to choose but there is alway one and only flower that will glow in our heart. I just believe in her more than anyone else. 

Ming Ming!! You are not a boss to me but you are great mentor to me. A million thank is no longer enough and so I will prove to you and myself what I am capable of when the time pass as a way to repay you. 

I`m going to date her out when school reopen!! Ok....okokkkk