Friday, December 26, 2008

The Nuffnang Retreat 2008

The whole team of SG and MY Nuffies attending the retreat.
Taken at Singapore country club. =O
Our bowling session!
Tim 2 
Fird and Cherie
Yee Hou. He is a pro player. Dun play play. =X

So we spend 2 hours playing bowling and also mixing around to get to know each other. I got several round of zero as it is my first time playing. Was =S when I realize I dont even have any beginner luck. Was having cold sweat all over when I just gape at the ball I throw went straight into the drain. And it continue for a few more round. Rob and I was definitely fight for the who got the most round into the drain. >.

When the ball I throw either went left or right drain.....I just chuckle to myself. Oopx. =X
Table 1: The pro bowler is the left person =)
Table 2: Cherie face blocked by Fird!!!  So is Yee Hou by Cherie!! =X
Table 3 : Spot the 2 boss. x)

So after the bowling session at singapore country club. We went to east coast lagoon hawker center there to have a taste of singapore well known food there like the sting ray, Hokkien mee, BBQ chicken wings and etc etc. Was surprise when Tim ask me what I feel about Ming. Blush* Hehex

Lobang Hanaa boyfriend car home. Clara and her bf Jimmy squeeze in too. However I am still the only light bulb. =X
Thursday Morning: Singapore zoo!!
Nicholas and Pinky
The 2 sisters: Clara and Cherie ( C@C )
The 2 boss : Ming and Tim 

Get to walk around in the zoo. Was shocked that my batt life is going to dry and didnt click as much as I like. It was fun and of course everyone like to talk about the bamboo butt. =X

Went to Chong pan in Yishun to have lunch and I was surprise that it was cheap and nice. The food like the oat prawn is freaking good that I only eat the oat instead of the prawn. Yummy!!

Welcome Commander
Mission briefing: 
Ready your mask Men!
Ok, Mission tactics 
Gear up!
Cherie was excited for the game and then u will see her hiding behind the barrier shooting away happily during the game. =/ oopx.... =X
Fird and Nicholas. x)
Botak Nuffies!!! We are shot!!! 
The Nuffies in the paint ball trip!!
The winning team of the day. Tim team won! =D

Paint ball is definitely pain and I was shot 2 times in the stomach and 1 time in the leg during the first round by Ming. I can see the bullets but cant dodge and X_X||...sweat

Soso exciting!!

Later in the evening.We went for Snow white and the seven dwarf performance directed by Hosen Leong . It is so funny that tears almost flow out and almost stomach cramp. Didnt bring my camera so nothing to show for this part. Please visit the other nuffie for more photos!!! -D

The company was closed for 2 days to have this retreat and all SG internship get to take part in the events as part of the family. So after reading this post. Do you think working under Nuffnang is fun and exciting? You decide!!

Ming!!! Thx u!!! =D 


  1. I want go play paintball,

    Snow White rocks *thumb up*

  2. oh.... u did your intership there? so coolz...

  3. paint ball,someone should take the video !