Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today was very smooth because the logo design which I stuck for 1 weeks plus was finally approved. I edit the previous post after being told that shawn isnt Andystorm. Woaaa....

Since I got time to draw. I was thinking of creating my alien times again and update later with Nuffnang retreat events. 

Can go home early today and I am going to play civil war in Garena!!! 

I wish everyone Happy Merry Christmas!! It will definitely be fun and romantic for all couple!! I know orchard road will be damn packed and so horrible crowded. So I wont go there and neither will I go shopping or watch any movie. Pretty bored since all my friends are at the west while I am at the east. Should I go back to chua chu kang or just stay at siglap? Still have to work during friday!! 

Stay back ytd night with Clara and see her doing anniversary card for Jimmy. It was so fun and romantic but time consuming. Bleahx... 


  1. happy merry xmas~ love your drawing, it's so cute ^^

  2. hey.. nice cute images you have there! merry xmas! =)