Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TAT: Opening chicken essence

  Was seriously disappointment in myself for unable to open the chicken essence bottle twice!! And was pretty amazed when my two female colleagues open easily before my eye. %$#$%@#

  Was relaxing myself from last friday onward and cant get myself to blog. Got my school result on sunday and started to grumble upon seeing the poor grade. I had a chat with my uncle who open his own design firm and also with my father about that piece of paper.

  In school, the grade of a student can be poor but the abilities of the person is different when it come to working society. A person can good in theory but doesnt mean he is in practical. 

  The morale of the story is   'Result paper dont tell everything.' When it come to working life, what is the most important turn out be the person character, attitude and portfolio. 

  Whether my work is good or poor , I believe all the audience have eyes. Spent plenty of hours playing dota to vent out my fustration!!! AHHHHHH!!!


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  1. wow~ it is cute ! hahaha, photoshop?

    You are true, Result papers don't tell everything~ but people tend to think that it is everything