Monday, December 22, 2008

Official Photos of Nuffnang Vpost Christmas party 2008

Spend One whole day in the office editing the photos. Was given green light to upload in my blog by Ming. So if must thank him or else there no way I can upload the photos. x)

Notes: You can download the photos by save image as ( In a new tab or window )
Photos are suitable to print in 4R*
Photos are meant to share with everyone in the party.
Credit me if you are taking the photos for your blog.
Nang me too!!! =X

The photos may not be good but I hope everyone will enjoy it!! XD

The whole team of Vpost and Nuffnang Staff including Malaysian Nuffies involved in organizing the party
The Offical Photographers Vpost (Left) Julian and Nuffnang (Right) Me!!! x)

Photos are randomly placed but I tried to put in order. x)
Setting up booth near 5pm...
Getting ready for bloggers
Badges and more badges!!
I saw my sticker!! =D
Nuffies Hui wen
The early bird of the nuffnangers!!!
Ming and ST
The mask
and more scary masks!!
Malaysian nuffnangers dress up interview session.

DXO is the location for the event.

I smell food tonight!!
Middle person= Paranoid. He is my idol!!

Captain meeting the captain!

Kenny sia dress up as an old man..

Tooth fairy!
Sushi King? I cant remember clearly his role but I like sushi!!

If you wonder the left person is dress up as a santa or a satan. The answer is Satan claus. Beware!!

Definitely Ordinary.....

Start of the party!
Ming giving a opening speech!

Shawn and Esther ( Top blogger )

Tim and Audrey together.
Ready to rock and roll!!

Kenny sia is so so so lucky to have so many gals around. =X
Food and more food!

If you think the left person is a girl. Have a better look again. hehe


Bang bang!!

Space girl ready for a ride.

See see....the guy dress up contest. Look at the left!!!
Cat walk!!!
Bloggers having fun watching!!
Paranoid cat walk on stage. x)
Shake shake shake!!
Bleach Costume!

Cute handsome and is totally OMG!!! -D
Lady turn!

Pretty good

Time to vote!!
Bloggers queuing up to vote their choice.

Nuffies counting the tickets

End of the dress up contest.

Feeling Romantic? x)
The first place in the Vpost make me very contest* The video is a must to watch! However I have no idea what the link. =X

Cherie was so so kind to help the old man. =P
Cake cutting.

I realize only a few people went for the cakes. It is very delicious. I love chocolates!! At the end of the event. I realized I am the only one at the corner still trying to eat as much cake as I can. XD

Double luck. He got 2 different prizes. =D
The Masked man I think I love the most in the whole party.
Ming taking out a lucky lot
The vinetage couple got the trip to somewhere* They are so so lucky and of course I think it is good for them to go as their honeymoon trip. =X

1st prizes!!
Kenny up on stage singing christmas song
Singing christmas song!

The more you look at Ben, the more you will start to like him. x)

My senior during my secondary school day. Small world!
Andystorm having a great time with the santa claus girls. =X

My small photo corner!! A picture with the malaysian nuffies, She is a graphic designer too!!
Clara and me. =)
The Botak nuffies!!! BOTAK FOREVER!!! XD
Photo with Rain
Photo with the white mask
Photo with Andystorm and Valerie ( Thx YL and Foxy for the info ) =D
My new girlfriend Ben!! Just kidding..hhe
A malaysian top blogger but unfortunately I forget her name the next day I wake up

Nat and me. Is she the singing coconut? Anyone know? x)

So did you all enjoy the party? It been great knowing everyone out there in the party and hope to see u all again.

I drop my Nuffie sticker before the Nuffnang collection contest start and I was all the way in the font and no one approach me. XD
I love the conversation with all the nuffnangers during the party and everyone was so friendly throughout the party. I think Ben and paranoid done a very good dress up and so are the lady.

Yup yup....Enjoy! =D


  1. Coolz.... you went for the event? I guess it must be real fun! =P

  2. THank for uploading the photo ^^

  3. Her name is Jolyn. Great photos mate, I missed out a lot due to er...passing out. :p

  4. thank you for the pictures!!! :)

  5. eh? i thought that blogger is Andy not Shawn o.o

  6. Great photos man, thanks! will credit and link you up. :)

  7. Great pics. Makes mine looked so bad. I'm so stealing your pics but will definitely give you the credit!

  8. I'm Nath and yes, used to be singingcoconut but now I'm BLue :p