Thursday, December 4, 2008


Before having a look at my night Tele shot. Click on the link to know what is happening.


I still have no idea which star is which planet. Haha
I missed the timing so the distance of both jupiter and Venus are quite afar apart from the moon
This is a close up shot of the moon and I add abit of blue. Not very clear though what it quite alright with a cheap len.
The shot
Unedited shot. So it grey and dull but still it look very nice.

My final and best shot for the night.

Anyone who bought a D-SLR camera can consider buying a telescope len. Most of the time, zoom len regardless of the brand. A 200mm is consider quite far and 300mm of course is even better for those who love to take distance shot.

The lens used for the above photos are 18-70mm and 70-300mm with tripod. =)

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  1. Great shoots man ! love the pics ><"... Hope to buy one DSLR in the future. Love the sharpness and the ability given compared with the stupid digital cam