Saturday, December 27, 2008

West Shooterz TFCD Fort Canning 2008

On the 14th December, I attend the TFCD shooting organize by the West Shooterz in clubsnap. I hitch a ride in Daniel car along with Yin Hao and Gab at Jurong point in the morning. I think next I will give a second before taking part in any morning activity. I will be a living dead if I ever wake up before 7am. T_T|| was raining in the morning. 

Meet up with Other photographers at the Fort Canning park. So I didnt get to snap at everyone because I was actually half sleeping while standing. =X

Anyway this is my work and everyone will like it. =)

TFCD= Trade for CD ( Photographer will burn a CD for the person whatever they snap )
It help the photographer to gain more experience in shooting and also expanding their creativity and refining their camera skill. At the same , the model will get Artistic works produce by the photographer and get to do whatever they would like to. 

It a win win Situation for both party. Alright, constructive comments are welcome. Enjoy!! =)

( 01 )

( 02 )

-{ 01 }-
-{ 02 }-
-{ 03 }-
-{ 04 }-

Need to rush and meet up with the other photographers at jurong point. Tata~

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