Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Need to sleep

Next tuesday is Graphic, Advert and Drawing design. >.<||....Ad poster still cannot. Design drawing lack of coloring style. I want to sleep now!!! It 3.30am in the morning and I haven drink kopi yet. When did I start to take 3 cup of kopi per day? Omg......

$150 did come, but the printing and all the stuff needed for the assessment will choke up 2/3 of the sum. Good, left $50 to chill.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

8 Days

This is P ubin trip with the West shooterz!! Hehe.....finally post it

I`m lagging behind the expected work to be done. Considering the time needed for test print and mounting blah blah. It really GG. -_-||

No more dota for me from today onward till the assessment end. Wont be any enough sleep but it ok to be walking zombie. No motivation during the pass weeks but only now able to get it. That why I alway hand up last minute work. Grrrr..... Flame of Recca is definitely worth watching again. Too bad the anime doesnt go according with the comic strip. I found this useful info about HDR photography. Gonna try it soon

Let ask ourselves. What changes do you want to see in yourself if there a chance back the time? Or it can be after everything, what else you wish to do? Ok la, I think I just want to get over this assessment first. Just really need help in the coloring of my character, spot one fatal mistake that I never done enough detail in color style.

The nights these few days seen to be so stuffy. Just cant believe my luck that the air con spoil.....

If there a chance now, I think I just want to tell you I`m sorry for the past. If I can say that personally, I think I will feel contend.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It coming

6 May is coming soon.Cant believe the $150 allowance from the government will be spend on these printing stuff. Noooooo!!! Get to meet Willis and Eward at siglap center for supper. I wont forget what we talk. Hahahaha. Get to see Willis film cameras. I dont know the brand at all, it seen so vintage.

12am plus another supper again.....I gaining much more weight than expected. S

It seen someone strike something unexpected and something he alway wanted. =) It time be more matured dude or else your words will hurt someone. Thx for drink anyway.

Brain cracking......and my brain cells will be dried out for this term assessment

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No time~~~

The assessment is really screwing my life now. Worst still is that my design concept have to change because it dont work. Awww, my brain is running out of juice if I gonna think hard. Stress stress stress!!!

Got a surprise sms from one of my buddy. A bit of conversation and we just wish that we could turn back the time. How the fun time in secondary school become paradise. The faces that call out on you whenever seeing you and jokes that tag along after that. Basketball in blk 8 and plenty of chatting through the whole afternoon. Match of 3v3 , 4v4 and even 5v5 with other watching the excitment. The bros and sis that I had in school, sharing my burden and my joy. Plenty of friends out there who pop out in the canteen get to have drink and snack together. Monday to sat, lesson do sux. However everyone there I knew is motivation to come to school. So much memory that sometimes I do feel my heart ache to part with so many great friends. Though we do cross our destiny and part. We dont have a sad parting for we know we will be waiting forward to meet each other again. Distance is not a matter but in reality it is. Time and money consumed for the transport but a car may solve the existing problem. =D

I do care and do miss everyone out there. It not that I am emo but I believe the best memory I had within is from that period.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dinner with the senior youth members. Supper with the West shooterz. And there goes another day. left 16days before assessment. =O Omg!!!

sERIOUSLy I just dont think I can finish so many thing within such a tight deadline. However I dont have a choice anyway. Buzzz......

A farmer fall in love with a princess. =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Rushing the assessment, study the video tutorial on dream weaver. And there goes one day. Sleep for a few hours and a new day is born.

Should visit if you are bored or down. This fellow sure give you plenty of surprise. -D

Love the music Find the Way. How many of us lost our way while progressing? How many realize that they are lost? How many found their way back? What do you think about this? =3

Monday, April 14, 2008

Loving it~~

Recalling last friday event~

TCSS session at siglap mac. The birth of ecp shooterz~ Knowing Daneal79, Myopia, Mapper48, Blomvqist and Withness was really a warm hugging encounter to me. I love them all. Night shot, roti prata, kopi, laughter. Let do it again after my assessment. XD

Sat- Tang shooterz, know more pple!! Lobang Mapper48 BM at Eunos and enjoy the ride and conversation.Get to know cckue better. Love the animals there, not enough the discount for the ticket paid~>> =D Love the pic other upload. Very inspiring. Night time for durian, walk walk in geylang. Understanding more about ways of life. Did feel pity but it was just a feeling that all. Must thx Peng yu.

Sun- West shooterz Report!!! Totally cant wake up on time, rush to tanah merah MRT and reach at 7.37am. Late late late~> Get to know new members. Cool, everyone is so sporting and socialable. Daniel keep make joke out of me la, but did limit himself. Feel very happy when someone make joke out of me but still really care for me. One great guy I must confess. Laughter and conversation all days long. Trekking rock!!! Talk cock along the way non stop. Get to see Cckue marco len effort. Superior effect!!! Uncle han and uncle Ho marco lens~~> All eye big big. XD

Become the model of the day posing lame but funny pic. Take dinner before everyone went back. Cheer for the West shooterz!!!

Mon- One of my god-bro birthday. His wish is simple. To meet me~> =O Meet another bro and my 2daughter. Went to Hai diagas chill. Chat chat chat and show my picture of puala ubin. Went back home totally shag. Serious I dun have sufficient sleep. XD

These 4days are very tiring but this 4day is a motivation for me. An inpsiration that one need to carry on.

Internship is in proccess. Most likely will work as assistant photographer for wedding shoot or work in studio. Whatever it is, I will do my utmost best and for the sake of those who have given me their support. All of you will alway be remember!!! Cheer!!! XD

Saturday, April 12, 2008

1st first Yangz shooter ( Zoo )

Woke up at 7.16am and just pack up the stuff slowly thx to the left eye and my body which is drained of energy. Love the air con!! =X

Went to Euno Mrt station there and lobang Mapper48 car. Reach the zoo before 8.30am. Hehehe, so that why you must buy a car if you got the chance. Get the chance to pay ERP yourself too. XD

Get to see quite a number of photographer too. See all their lens, woa....I think I hide myself liao. Hahaha, get to know several people too. It was quite exciting cause everyone was like chatting what kind of shot we will be taking. We even crowd around the flower to take the picture of the bumble bee which flying here and there non stop. We had group shot and then everyone set out in different road. Some split into group and family. The admission ticket cost only $10 and that include the tram ride. ^^ right?

Tag along with Mapper48, we help each other by exchanging the picture we took. We keep change the ISO, shutter speed and The aperture accordingly to the surrounding brightness. It was very nice, we keep shoot and study together. I set the EV -1 and -3 sometime. So quite a number of pic are underexposure. Sad =(

Hmmm, we meet up with the core members after the lunch. Mapper48 went off early for his stuff after the lunch. Cckue and mapper48 seen to be holding the job position. =O
Same bag same len....but different camera body!! =X Cckue, you can consider D300 you know. Haha. I cant really say stuff in detail but it nice to know everyone especially the one with a 500mm Len which itself weight 3kg and his bag is 2x heavier. The tripod I complain of bringing just drop dead ever the conversation with him. Passion rock!!! XD

Went home with cckue, I walk back home from lot1 instead of taking lrt. Sometime it just feel good to be back in the place you grow up in. I didnt call anyone else cause I meeting peng yu already. Cut hair first then rest a while. So in the evening, we went out with airpork for dinner and then went geylang eat durian with Tz and Ax. We also walk walk around. Hehe. =X

So I was abit shock to see this underage** girl. A local too.... =/ Kinda of curious question in my mind ready to ask her. Well, money is important but sometime there are just something that is more important than money. Truth is that everyone got own mental and physcial need. However in my eye, I can only see that these are the people who went for physcial need only and materialistic stuff that all. The world is a beauty that embedded with evil beneath it skin. There is no wrong or right. This is life..... =/

Tml puala ubin outing with the west shooterz!! No long pant!! I think I gonna lose plenty of weight thx for the bloody thirsty mosquitos waiting happily for us. XD

Xiao shu 70-300mm is abit too old and not really working* Sian, that why so many pictures turn facult?? =X think so**


The Ecp first TCSS was very successful with 6members turning up. According to Daneal, this is the first gathering. 5 nikon user and 1 canon user. Yes!! Nikon rock!! =X I was quite surprised that I`m the youngest when everyone in the forum sound around my age like Eward (Mapper48) and Blomqvist who was actually 48 and 27 respectively. =O Creak creak~~

It goes with a good start when I was being asked who the first hamsterlord?? XD Chit-chat until suddenly everyone want a night shoot and we set off straight away after the group shot. LOL!! Eward got a D3 and I was woa when he told us his first camera is D3!! Waaa, the best part is that he got 18-200mm VR lens. I want that lens!! XD I was more woa when he took out sb 800 for the group shot. Salute!! =3 That 2 stuff is enough to have me totally equipped.Sit in Blomqvist car and he went to fetch his wife at paya lebar there the keith~~~ warehouse sale. 0o!! I also want to buy!!! jk....tsk tsk....

Meet up at Esplanade where I get to know Matrick who is a freelance wedding photographer. Nice guy, get to learn bit of tips too. I make only 12 click and 2 pic look quite nice to me. Hmmm, the rest are blur la. Hahaha......Chill there until for an hour and we went to Eunos to have roti-prata!! XD Myopia just cant satisfy himself with a fishburger meal. =3 I very long time never eat roti prata!! It was fun and interesting. Maybe everyone there is adult, it is much more easier to communciate. Really enjoy myself very much and also with the food that myopia intro. Shoick!!! =D

Patrick!!! Thx for the lunch. I gonna hunt for you the coming friday for free meal again. ROAR!!! XD Thx for the tips, I will work harder for it. ^^

Tml Tangz shooter outing at Zoo. 8.30am outside entrance, now already 1.36am. Pray I wont just tapped off my hp alarm and doze off again. Or Mapper48 gonna wait like mad for me. =X

My dear daughter, that is love. Let time digest everything, hold on the faith in your heart. =)

Counting sheep in 5min....gogogog

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eye hurtz

I slept at my xiao shu rm just because I need the air con. Ytd night is really stuffy. >.>||....the best part is my left eye hurtz alot. Like something is stuck inside the eye. You know you can dig out the eye and put inside the cup mixed with detergent and water. Most likely when you fixed your eye back. Your eye is as good as new. Provided if you can fixed* it. =3

Get the eye-mo at auntie shop. Auntie!! How my new hair style?? Relax man, I`m cutting it again. It will be ground zero. Oh ya, the crowbar award is $27 student price. You can just find the detail down there on the net. So good luck!! I`m not taking since I can proudly say I dont have the time and money to join in the fun. XD

Dota Dota......from 2004 till now. How long I`m been playing dota? I no idea but sure I waste alot of time on that. I know it is wrong but I`m still doing it. =D What you think? Awwww.....

Dont stare the computer screen too long. You never know when will the monitor or lcd will explode right at your face. =X If you are still using the flat screen monitor. Please go buy LCD or plasma. Cause that monitor radiate alot more than ancient monitor and lcd.

Look, it gonna be 10pm soon!!! I`m still going for dota!!! OMG!!! God save me!! XD

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Creative Adobe workshop Free seminars

I attend the seminars located at SMU administration building conference hall. I reach about 9.30am and I was abit surprise to see a number of people already crowding outside. Looking around for a while short moment, I can bet I`m should be the youngest attending the workshop. =D

Went to the registration counter and I was to told to give my business card for the lucky draw. Great, I should have write my name on a piece of paper and tear it out exactly as the business card size. The first prize is adobe master design worth $2500.
=O Awesome!!!

Met Guat Teng with 2 of her student who is studying at nayang poly 2nd yr. Yes yes!! I`m not alone!!! Get to learn that Nayang poly offer VC course 2yrs ago. It wasa new course but it spell trouble to many. Our rice bowl seen to be shrinking? Right fellow designers and photographer?? Only the strongest will remain while the weak will be outcast. XD OMG!!! We still have the singapore Art school coming right up. So few years down the road, everyone gonna be crazy soon.

There are more than 300 pple attending the workshop. Dont see all the face like nerd or auntie or those uncle who like to go kopitam and TCSS. These people are actually web,graphic, multi-media, video blah blah designers and we even have post production crews down there attending the workshop. 0o!!!.....that why I say dont judge people by their look. =D You will be inviting trouble if you keep doing that. You know who I`m saying. =X

A few well known design firm crews are hiding among the audience like the ET creative if not wrong and the rest cant remember. The lecturers make everything very simple and understandable. The rate they talk is slow enough for beginners too. What is much more interesting is that they make the whole workshop interactive. I didnt really feel sleepy except my eye hurts. Bet last night play too much dota liao. =X

The workshop consist of Inkdesign, illustrator, Flash, photoshop( All are CS3 new feature.) If you ask me is it nice, of course!!! Tips and short cut are taught which many didnt know. Fellow bro and sis, we do use these software but how much do we actually know all about the function of these designing software? =D

I`m very impressed and I will definitely regret it if I didnt sign up for it. Kinda of lucky to register early. Must thank Justin for the news. The seminars end at 5pm. Tired!!

The next workshop at yo chu kang which about manipulating photo in photoshop is coming up.No idea whether there time for me. =/

*Info provide by Cencil( Clubsnap )

The Yio Chu Kang CC Photo/Video Club is conducting a free workshop and outing on 19th April Saturday from 1pm to 6pm on Basic Photography for newbies.

Title: Introduction to Photography
Duration: 2 hours plus outing 3 hours
Venue: Yio Chu Kang CC (Ang Moh Kio St 61) 5 minutes to Yio Chu Kang MRT

Topics covered:

1) Introduction to the Camera - Compact and DSLR
2) Auto and manual functions
3) How to shoot
4) Composition
5) Photo Editing
6) The Work Flow
7) Printing your picture
8) Questions and answers

Its free with no obligation to help those interested in photography or just starting out in photography. <---Tread

If you are interested in photography, join clubsnap and pm your detail to Cencil. He is the one in charge. =)

Next info provide is by Skyimage ( Clubsnap )

AsianGEOgraphic is looking for special photograph from talented amateur and professional photographer. One winner and runner-up will be selected from each category. An overall Grand prize will be awarded to the best overall picture. The top photograph will be exhibited as part of an "ASIA Without BORDERS" photography exhibit schedule to be held in Dec 2008.
Grand Prize
1 x Canon 5D
1 x ExOficio Photographer Jacket
1st Prize (each Category)
1 x Canon 5D
2nd Prize (each Category)
1 x Camelback Cross 25 Hydration Backpack
1) The Land - Evocative, colourful landscape or seascapes that capture the unique, physical beauty across Asis.
2) Humanity - Images that capture the diversity and colour of the people who call Asia home, whether an intimate portrait or a striking moment captured at a festival.
3) Wild Places - images of marine animals and wildlife that inhabit the gardens, forests and seas of Asia.
4) Man's Imprint - images that capture both ancient and modern architectural.
Contest begin 15 March 2008 at 0000hrs S'pore time and ends 30 September 2008 at 2359 S'pore time. All entries must be received by September 30th 2008 at 2359 hrs EST.
Name of the winners in each category will be available online at after 15 October 2008.
Winning entries will also be published in the Dec 2008 Annual Edition of Asian GEOgraphic.
Further details, visit;

I dont take credit for providing these workshop or competition information. I`m just spreading around. If you need better lens or filter or camera, I can recommend one to you. Danielskl in clubsnap!!! =D

Woa....tired....haven do my work for tml. >.<||

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Decided to create a public blog but will still retain the dark side of the current blog. Helo everyone!!!

How lives?? If you realise I didnt speak to anyone of you for more than 3 months, I was just plain busy that all. My mistake if I didnt told you I already move to siglap 2yrs ago. That should be enough to tell you why I like suddenly vanish. =P So how are you all? Miss me?? XD

If you ask me still got play basketball.Forget about the basketball, I already got a problem running 100m now. Climbing a 3storey high is enough to make me gasp for air. Lie feng is still living. However we are now a leisure group instead of basketball team. You still can find some of the members still active in cck CC like javin, chen ming, yuan man. Some of the guys went NS digging trench and shooting birds. However we will still hold gathering weekly which I miss nowaday. I miss teckwhye err no...I miss everyone in chua chu kang!! Last time every friday meet near lot1. Now at home playing dota just because I didnt know anyone in siglap to have kopi with me. Sian sian sian~!!! East coast park quite near but go alone for? =3

Want to organize media bytes club gathering this year. Awww, dunno everyone can make it anot. Come and think of it, that time should have retain the old hp no. =(
If you are going to tell me poly life suck, I will say of course. Hahaha, some people are just not meant to go along with.

I got my new camera Nikon D80. And so you got any friend who need portfolio whether is model shot, product or food shot. Pm me can le. The rest you should know, talk face by face with kopi!! I forget alot of faces and their names. Sigh~ is that a crime for a STM person? I miss out alot of people birthday as well as many people miss out my birthday too. =X ok, I was joking. Anyone birthday got party, tell me and I will pop up on that and take photos for you. Hehehez, no present of course!! As usual~>>> =3

Life is hard, you stress I stress. I think everyone is just too stress. What to do? Singapore life is like that one. =D

Remember to link me although I`m not going to link you. Heez. Tata