Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SB800 or a pair of hamster?

A pair of grey hamster. My friend is giving away the baby. Temptation is just that. I kinda of want some accompany at home. =)

SB800 not mentioning the Diffuser yet. Just 1 set that actually eaten up all my internship pay. So it kind of heartbreaking. >.<||....Well, I`m still rushing the photos so who know.

Ytd night after blogging went to ym house with guoxiong. After went to Shixin house to see how her hamster look like.  Met Stamford halfway, get a good chatting and some hugging. XD Reach Shi xin house only to see more than 10 hamsters running around in 5cages!! 0o....woa....CUTE!!! XD  

Helping Marcusk to see is it Roboroski but it isnt. So chat abit and went to teckwhye mac. Pop in the Fire post and chat with Unos. Chatting about lifes and NS. Definitely it fun , I guess. =)
Have our supper at Mac and then went home. 

I got a hunch that my uncle sure dont allow me to keep hamster. I not interested in fish. I know they swim around but I will feel sleepy after watching them swimming around for 10 min. A small cages and some stuff. I`m quite sure I can still able to maintain it. I just love the way they squeezing all the food in their mouth puffering up their cheek!!!

So how how?? Baby hamster is much easy to keep. Ayiaaaa.......Panic!!

It just so good to meet old friends rather moving in the east to know all the dogs and cat there.What to do since most of the bros and sis happen to live at the west. >.<|||

Monday, June 23, 2008

Say good bye

Broken heart ( Dig it out from my old photos )
Together forever ( So loving both of them ) =D
Together forever 2 ( I cant get the exact photo I want for this) 
Waiting for someone? 
Frankly speaking, we are burning the paper not the charcoal. Hahaha!!
Model: Karen
Model: Sophia
Model: Shi Lin

One thing for sure. It is very hard to take model shot outdoor plus if the photographer to model is 5:1 ratio. Pretty much of the photos are taken in vain. Awww.....

Congratulation  to Daniel for having  his baby!! =) I want to see the baby cute anot!!! XD

During these 10days , afew outing inspire me alot. Really love to stick with Willis and continue to learn from him. Unlike other, his words really motivate me about life. In my heart, he is just like my mentor. Peng yu went NS so hopefully this 2 years he can enjoy before stepping to the real society. Not forgetting Huan yeong who is also going too in 2week time. 

The UOB photography deadline is on 3rd July. Well, definitely this is the competition I will take part. =)

Isaiah agree to let me finish the task till September. Hurray!!! I just cant bear to tell him that actually the first 3 week I take photos of the wrong direction. I didnt read the instruction well. However I just wish to finish everything asap to hop onto the next internship which I been wanted. 

Met Edmund  and Roy with their friends at blk 302 several days ago. Hehe, so long never contact them le. Time did tied everyone down but memory still linger around. 

21 June.Went to east coast park during 5.30am to take photo sunrise. Chill pretty long and explore shot of angle including shutter. Finally get to take photo of the moon clearly. Went to Water Art Festival with the Wezt shooterz and take some photos but  dont think the pictures take out good due to the distance and lighting .

22 june. Went to the potluck by the ECP group!!! Yes!!! 2nd outing!! Come and think about it. Our group are much more leisure type. Enjoy life and snap around when we happy. Hahaha. Happen to tell Hendy about some problem I facing. So overall he mention I lack of confidence. Sometime it is better to take marco shot of other flowers. There are plenty of flowers all around, dont have to be just that one. I a person who goes accordingly to feeling, it not easy to say want or dont want.  I never want to be a guy anyway, I rather be just a girl. It pointless of being a guy who do not have confidence. I have no idea how to boost or gain my self-confidence when it come to relationship. So I never understand why am I born as a guy. I`m not in depression now but this is the way I feel. If I am the gal and she the guy. I will be happy to cry my heart out night by night till the last piece of her washed away along with the tears. I am just too fustrated over myself for being such a weakling. Come and think of why does it happen this way. I can only blame myself.

I admit I am just too inexperience. There are too many things I just didnt know. There are many things I lack of. The only thing I say to myself to is keep moving. 

So it finally good bye.....  I hope the coming school term can end faster to allow the change of class. Since I am so hated by her, by logical mean. It is common sense to keep quiet and leave. 

Alright switch back the topic. Marcusk and his gf make a very perfect photo. I alway like to have this kind of photos in my gallery. XD so romantic!!! Karen bring her dog which turn out to be the model of the day. Eward got a Marco len!! 0o....rich fellow. =X  Heex

Till today I just cant explain myself.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Astro Summer Camp

1)  Game station IC leading the way. 
 2) Look closely, 2nd last person seen to be peeping. =X                                  
3) Part of the obstacles for the participant                           
4) Several people took very long time to fall. Just too afraid!! =P             
5) Superb straight and landing!!
6) Oh My God , this one need more manpower!!! 7 people support!! =D
7)  Safe!! Phew... XD
8)  Alamak!! I slip!!  Most leaders start to ask for medic. Haha

9) Mascot Team!! Cheer!!

10) Spongbob and Flint stone performance. 
11) Night walk set up
12)  Covering all the exit signboard light and testing of the actual spot.
13) When ankle start to talk to each other. ^^V
14)  Time to call the Grass Cuter. 
15) Oo~ lalalala~ Cute!!

Went to Ngee Ann poly Astro Summer camp at the 2nd day around evening. Special thank to Jeff the president of Astro Club to allow me joining the camp. Went to take photos of the camp events and help out. Get to know plenty of people there. It damn cool. 

The bindfold I help out 1 time to support the falling. The person is the biggest size in that camp. I try one time only because when the person fall on our arms. All the 6 person face become X_X.....MEDIC!!!! Hahaha, I hurt my left shoulder. Kinda unmovable for a while but overall it alright. Salute the Leaders there for staying put to finish the whole bindfold game. Lucky Ken, jeff , jasper and David are there or else really no idea how to tahan till the last participant. =)

Help abit in the setup and accompany Yuan man since he is the organizer for the night walk. 2 block and get to see how it is like. Due to darkness, I`m unable to take a clear picture of  the whole team of people setting up the night walk. A team of 10plus walking and planning the route. Discussion regarding the amount of light stick , time interval of each participant , check point and the various problem that may pop up. After that went to the lecturer hall room to see the participants preparing for the mascots. Want to post some indiviual cute and funny one but it better to give them some piracy . =)

Went to set up the stuffs for the night walk. Lightsticks were being put on the route. Kinda of long for me. Using newspaper to cover the light board and trash paper for obstacle. It very new to me. =)  The funniest thing is that everyone stop and stare at lizard tail which dropped off while setting up halfway. Seen like quite a few people never see it before. Overall, the night walk is quite smooth though somehow someone try to stop me from taking photos because the spirits told him that they are unhappy with me flashing. Oo||....believe it or not. It all up to you. =)

The only part I didnt finish the stuff was taking the acting and the group photos for them. Oop, didnt done a clean job. Hahaha. Overall, the camp is good. Maybe will try to take part and take photos again. =D

Hope to see everyone again. Thank ^^

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Study with the light off

Singapore Flyer at dawn

Link= Http://ruinlord.deviantart.com/art/Singapore-Flyer-88261727

The deadline for the 4 TFCD models was over and I haven even start to PP!! Argh , Hopefully by this thursday can e-mail them . Considering afew nice one will do. 

Ytd night near 2am , my boss Isaiah pm me first sentence. You got 8 picture rejected. Alamak , first sentence le. It really abit like scare the hell out of me. Helo boss, now what time already. Lolx.

Finally met my 2 daughter Sarah and Hui ting. Hmm, Hui ting look much more thinner. Sometime just feel worry for her. =S Chill together at Ya kun kaya Toast with their group. Bunny also there laughing away when she saw me botak. Yaya , whatever. Haha.. So spend the afternoon at Sarah house rushing my work. Cant believe it. My photo not even 300 yet. I smell doom gripping upon me!!

Went back home early just to see how my bro gf is like. Ytd night my bro told me his gf will be coming to study so if I at home can get to meet her. I went to the room and to find the room is dark. I can only see 4 legs rojak together with the soft giggling voice. Ok, that nice. I just get to learn that you can study better without light on. It must be some kind of new subject. Hopefully I get to learn it too. So is everyone else. =3

Monday, June 9, 2008

Series of lie and conspiracy

 Link/DL = http://ruinlord.deviantart.com/art/waterfall-88155432
 What do you think of this picture? =)

Went to sentosa for the TFCD. I back out due to some reasons but after a phone conversation with MJ. I join back again. I like to see and hear what is edwinlkg reason for last week TFCD. Though MJ never ask him , MJ get to see the truth. It isnt wise to make use of other people passion and interest for the sake of your own benefit. So shady such a man can be, the world is just full of people we should be wary of. =/

I believe we dont need any explanation for some of the thing that happen in front of our eyes. People tend to ego when they either using IRC, playing online game and even MSN. They can spam you , flame you or insult you. They dont care but when the moment when 2 parties meet. It totally different. They will tend to more mature or they will get more aggressive. When you make fun of people in online game, you dont complain when it your turn to taste the fruit of your wrong doing. You are making yourself more stupid if you try to give reason to other. That how I think. =3

I hate lie and conspiracy..... =X

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A better speed

Link=http://ruinlord.deviantart.com/art/Singapore-River-87930989 For Download

The photo uploading is really kind of -_-||.....dot. 1 photo editing plus upload take 10min plus. So I have to up load near 90 each day and the deadline. Get to find out more about HDR from one of the CSer. Ytd night went to clark quay there and get to see paint with  light photography. Overall it is quite a fun night and learn more about night shot setting. Whatever you snap , dun pump up the ISO. =)

The first TFCD is very exciting. Everyone enjoy it but something else happen. There were rumor that the organizer mislead both parties. There isnt any paid model during that outing. The organizer just swallow the money which our fellow cser pay. We wouldnt mind treating meal and abit of money for transport. However $170 for 6models? It not like we are petty, it ok if the money divide between them. However the first 2 models are not paid too. The 4 remaining girls get $10 for the extended time. That all. Where did the remaining $130 go? I was quite surprise that the organizer told me on phone that because of the poor weather he forget to get refreshment for us. Wow, I didnt know Tfcd got this kind of stuff. 

The rumors somehow demoralized the whole team. =( 
Anyway, people with ill intention will be exposed sooner or later. =)

Guess ytd night was the last night to receive birthday msg. XD 

Waa lan, so many photos left to Di and upload. 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

21 21 21 21

                     TFCD Group photo by Darren ( Not in photo : 2 models and Yamapi )

21 on the way. It reaching...RUN!!! XD

Happy? Worry? Contend? It kinda hard to say. Overall life is very good with so many nice people around. 

750 photos per month sound quite easy but now it sound quite worry cause this is the 2nd week and I still at home playing dota all day long. My upload is only 95. 0o!!!....Sound scary. Went to Bro Danielskl house and share some information regarding the photoshop. Get understand more about wedding photography as well as studio stuff. I was even given this website which is very valuable in videography. Most likely will learn that during the 3rd yr which I heard about it. Wonder if I go graphic do I still need to learn anot.  Just check it out =)

This is Big Day Pictures production video link -  http://weddingmtv.multiply.com 

I dont think I can make it for the flyer competition. Is either I really ton 1 night over there finding different angle of view to shoot or I just have to crack my head on it. The TFCD organise by CS Edwinlkg is great not forgetting CS Majujat who also help out alot. CS Boombox bring along the reflector and the flash stand. He never took the pictures, he help out assisting the lighting and set up for the group photo. It a great outing and get to mix around. Went to Merlion there to help out the CS photo aid awhile. Very short while. =X I just no idea why I feel shy approaching strange to ask for donation so I just stand there holding the info card and the salvation army card around. -)

Meet Eward and went to have dinner together along with Willis , Boombox and Yamapi. Ok, now cut short. Going sleep liao. 

Cheer for those who send their regard and those didnt. I only wish the disaster victims in xi zhuan and Myamner  will get all the help they need. Yup that all and good night.