Thursday, July 31, 2008

It about life

The Alien times- Celebration of victory

I will have that kind of expression when I got lot of cash around me. Dont be sad if you  fail in something or you fail repeatedly. Learn to cheer for yourself. For you had done what you could. Ignore those who gonna jeer at you. I draw this to celebrate my victory of failing my basic theory the 4th times. So BANZAI!! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!! XD

So I visit my secondary school after the basic theory test. Met Mdm Mary and get to heard one of my classmate Sheena was actually married and is working at posb bank in yishun. The story I heard about her really inspire me further more. In the past, people use to make fun of her and bully her. Till some extend, some even ignore her. She remain positive and look cheerful everyday. Her spirit of life is so strong that it finally touch the heaven. Yup, wish her all the best. =)

Visit the senior staff room to find Mrs lau my Art , english teacher. My 2nd visit to find her turn out in vain. She just happen to have something on. Wow..... =( However I get to saw Mdm lye and Mrs Ong. So I get the chance to share what happen the years after leaving secondary school. It a heart warming session and I get learn from both of them the view in life. Yes my dear teachers , I will do my best and show her what kind of person I am. Hopefully, Gods dont play anymore prank on me. =) I will work harder for it. 

So for quite a period of time, the sharing session ended and I start to ask whether any of the teacher is teaching AAA my cousin. Was pretty shocked to learn what my cousin done even he is in sec2 only. So after hearing it, I share what I know about his family background. It a messy family background. The parent are quarreling.......extra affair etc etc.... so it kind of sad. So went to visit Mr Ong the vice P and had abit of conversation. Get to hear more detail about AAA. Was very shocked to see the records he had in sec2. Not long later, I left the school and went to the canal to take train track and pray in the forgotten altar. 

Reach home during evening and call my AAA father and inform him that the school wish to meet him regarding AAA. AAA father tone was change from happy to sad when I mention AAA. He told me he had told AAA already. He just didnt want to listen. So I find AAA and met him. A short conversation asking him what he been doing, what happening and what he really want. This kind of people are not bad in nature. True they are immature, I am almost like them when I was in sec2 too. It part of life. Everyone had to walk different path that all. They need more care that all. They are so young. Give chance and guide them along. They will be successful and the next generation of citizen. Stop your ignorance and depise these people. You wont know till you are in their shoes. This could be one sided talk from me. So the best is for you to ask how their family background and their surrounding area. 

Meet up with Alvin for dinner at lot1. Shop in popular book store a while and went library hunting for Flash actionscript. Had haircut then back home. It a nice night to have dinner with him. =) Must contact more often!! =D

My stress level is increasing thank to the metal ring puzzle I tried at barber shop. The uncle let me take home to try but my brain cell burn after 1omin. 

Stress level : 38%

To Jeslyn from C tag board.

 Sorry, I`m not very sure which jeslyn are you. Thx for your concern. I`m sure my post will let you understand how much I still care for him. 

To Jia cheng and the gang,
  Sorry guys, I need to rush my projects work for this weekend. I wont be able to make it for the movie and the outing. Wish to see you all guys again* Bros as always*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wish me luck

I`m not sure what color you saw for this poster. The background is suppose to be blue...the whole color change 180 degree. Omg!!! 

I did something out of fun. I send a small file to spca to donate this piece of work. I know they just delete my mail away once they see it. Oh well, I`m just sending out of  goodwill. Tomorrow I having basic theory test for the 4TH TIME!! =( Please dont fail!!! My parent will blew their top if I fail again. 

Friday I`m going to donate blood. I`m sure those who are O blood types will get the message from the HSB. So anyone who is interested to tag along can pm me to confirm the time.

Girl are good in their 6th sense and is 87% accurate. I just wish that they know how to read guys mind to know who truly love them. Tata~~

Hort Park

Oh daisy...
A bug view from the ground in the morning
The building really destroy the whole image.......Sigh...
Swaying along with the wind..

  Visit Hortpark in singapore. A little small land to walk around yet plenty of flowers and nature stuff to look for. A morning or near evening was the best time for a shoot. Afternoon is pretty hot, you will melt and evaporate within an hour. Yup, so go at your own risk. Go to the cold room that is mean for plants and flower from foreign countries that survive on lower temperature. There is a restaurant/ cafe at the entrance. An evening dinner might be cool cause there a watery pool beside with the nature over though vehicle sound still can be heard. 

 If you really want a good one. Spend alot of  money and go to St John island. An island with no vehicle noise or plenty of carbon monoxide to hale. With sea view on 360 degree and a sunset to enjoy.Employ a few musician like piano , flute , guitar , gu zhen and have them playing the music from a short distance. Set the pathway with white candles and rose petals. Take her to the beach and enjoy the lights from the various ships and the neighboring islands like Indonesia. When the time is late, board the yacht and travel back to singapore. Drive her home, go home sleep or start to count how much you need to pay by tomorrow or the coming weeks. Such romantic event come with a very high prices. Hahaha....My plan B* followed up by the previous post. You can have sometime with your love on the yacht during the afternoon. Dun get seasick and maloooo yourself. =P 

  For 2yrs plus , I finally saw that gal wearing pink. I wasnt trying to be rude or any negative. Kinda of love it. Lolx....Jk. If you are being blocked by someone in msn. You deserve it from that person. No explanation is needed. I`m that chap. Lol!! =( So ironic....

  Stress is accumulating.....

  Accumulating 21%

Monday, July 28, 2008

My idea of dating a girl out

What I will do if I got the money to date a girl of my heart.
A light refreshment in a restaurant. To reduce the tension and build up the impression 
A bundle of either 1, 2 , 3 , 5 , 99 , 100 , 999 or from her birthday ( Month + Day ) 
Example  Feb of 13 will 213 Roses.  If your gf birthday is 31 Dec then best for you. 1231 Roses!!!
A drive to the top of the hill to catch the sunset ( I still waiting for it to happen ) =P
A candle light dinner at the cafe at the Mount faber or  pan pacific hotel to enjoy the night scenery. Any Nice hotel also can*

Send her off to her house. A good night message before going off to bed. Magic wear off after that and I`m turned back to a poor hamster. Sianzzz....
                                                  End Of Fairy Tale 

That how I used to think of it. Selecting the best spot for sunset , dinner and romantic spot for relaxing. It just that I happen to be poor so I have to think more practical. I`m sure the guys know what I`m trying to say. We also want romantic stuff and surprise for the one we like. It just that most of the time we are restricted by alot of things like money, effort blah blah blah* 

The gift I got from Dreamzphotog wedding. It look so beautiful and nice.

The Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Illusionary Orb of nature
The winner of fantasy theme design by singaporean!!! =D

  I know this post will be abit weird of having 2 section instead of 1. I cant post more pictures because I am rushing 1 competition project, 1group project and 1 independent project. I need 8hours of peaceful sleep. So I am going to remove the water bottle and hamster wheel later and put more food for them to eat and sleep. =X 

  Love the lavender scent beside my bed. Just love it. Gonna change the hamster bedding tomorrow!! There a nut I trying to crack but somehow I got was being backfired. Some kind of mystical nut!! 

  Everyone is throwing their SB-800 to get SB-900!!! I`m going double speed to finish my internship and straight for the SB-900 and a dome diffuser!!! 

  sO long the short the day....

Help Me do this survey!! Really appreciate it =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dreamzphotog Wedding where dream begin

Unexpected face!! Dyn the photographer special appearance!! =D
Yeah Baby OHHHH Yeaaaa!!!! XD  Love the baby eye. He want the toy!!
Wedding Cakes
Catch the cherry from my mouth. 

SE Shot 01
SE shot 02 ( This look more like promoting flowers ) =S
The king and the queen of the day
Me and Colin from CS 
Our wedding 01
Our wedding  02 ( Which one look better? this or above one?? )

I just return from Dreamzphotog Wedding at bedok. I didnt stay till the end because my feet skin was torn. It was so pain that I decided to go home straight when the bride and groom went to change. Never wear any sock with holes if you are wearing any leather shoes. >.<||

Met Colin and we just have some chat and fun snapping around. I was dishearten when I realize how important it is a MUST to have an external flash. So I couldnt help take photos of family because the shadow and harsh lighting create poor quality. So I change to tele len and aim for candid shot. A lesson learnt and SB800 I NEED YOU NOW NOW NOW!!! Who can lend me some money? =X

The buffet was very nice. I love the rice and the curry. The desert is even delicious. If I`m just a guest,  I can sit from 2pm till 6pm eating non-stop and return home to find myself heavier by another 5kg. Jk. I was struck by BBB virus once again when Colin let me try out the D300 with the 24-70mm VR and along with SB800 plus the diffuser. God of fortune, I`m going to buy you some nice and juicy durians. Just let me win 10k of 4D is enough. I will buy 1 whole set of different sushi for you after I spend the money I needed on the camera. XD We get to chat with Muthus the main photographer of the day. And we realize all photographer that help to snap are from CS!!!! Hurray!!! 

SB900 IS OUT!!! IT ONLY $670!!! Ayiaaaaa.......I feel so sad....Need money sia...

Rusell told me the internship I`m doing is not counted. I am very shocked by what he told me. My job scope is to go out and take photo and then edit it. What am I suppose to do when the boss want me to work at home not at office. I wasnt inform about this kind of stuff. Now what going to happen to me? I feel kind of unfair. I have arranged to meet the boss on monday and see how. Seriously, I`m going for Bridal studio as my 3rd internship. What if I`m being send to take ROM and actual event? This is it. I will ask for details first and counsel both the lecturer and my boss again. I`m not sure my boss is supportive of me anot. Let hope all the best to me. Gawww gawww

I want to give name to both of my hamster. However both look the same to me so I dont know how to spot out who is who. Ytd night , both of them are having party by knocking the water bottle against the acrylic wall with some singing session along with the sound of hamster wheel rolling over and over again. I give up tolerating the fun they are having by taking out the hamster wheel and the water bottle.  Ayiooo.... really nothing to say

Cant find Constance to chat on friday and sat. Kinda of =/ =O Get some wash up and time to go stars grazing at the beach with the guys!!! Hurray!!!! =D

Pre wedding snap

A Joyous Wedding Of Dreamzphotog & his wife ( let send your blessing to them too!! ) =)
Candid shot 
The stage of the king and Queen

  Just return from Cs dreamzphotog wedding void deck. I went for some nice shot and is really some photos are nice while the rest look horrible to me. Congra to Dreamzphotog once again. =D

Chill down there along with another photographer working with Dreamzphotog. Learn more about background and several tips to save money while investing in photography. Was really shocked to learn that just 1 day wedding under void deck can cost more than 20k. So exp even it isnt in hotel. Gentleman, can you start to get worry about the pocket getting a black hole when you are getting marry? Hahaha XD

Saw the stand which wasnt shown in school studio today. Got a flash back of how I lose the internship for a studio workshop by because the stand just dont bug. >.<||

The group work in the afternoon was funny and we stay there without completing anything. Wahahahaha. Chantel was fast as usual. Must learn the way she work. Went to the art gallery and enjoy the fantastic works from various secondary school and JC. Playing God is the most impressive art work to me. Awarded with Honors. The story line is about in the near future, baby can be create. You can choose what kind of child you want. There are several drawing. 1 is the machine with many wires fixed on the baby back with progress bar and number. Another is a doctor holding the test tube baby. How to choose the eyeball details and add in etc etc. I`m not sure when the art gallery will be closing. However if you are interested, please go asap. This yr works is definitely better the previous few yrs. =) I think* Heex

language or words are powerful tool to communicate. It can make a people levitate or plunge. Consistency usage of harmful words is enough to influence the person mind set provide if the will of one is unstable. Make use of the strength to give the warmth around. Give some faith and support for those who need it. A little bit of words is enough to boast a person moral. If you are good in communicating or mouth flooded with honey. Do what you can do for the world not what the world can do for you. 

2months 7pages with music and pay me $1.5 instead of that fellow. Chop chop my design is better than him!!! =O 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stress is waiting for me

ZZZ, I didnt know sleeping on road can be so relaxing. When I become a dog maybe I just tell you all how the feeling is like. XD
Revamp, Tuning the exposure problem due comments from fellow CS members. Hope this is better now. HDR is sure not easy. I`m in for another one.
Flyer capsules movement, guess the wheel turn clock wise or anti clock wise. =P
A random children memories snap. 

I think the first week of fun is ending. Due to the internship, I cannot allow anymore slacking. I just promise the boss to finish everything for him on time. Maybe I need to ask for more money due to the stuff I bought for the job scope. I just realize I should get a macro len to get better shot. Kind of happy because I just learn new tips of taking photos. 

This week was torturing. Unable to sleep well at night and get to sit on toilet bowl for 2 hours from 2 till 4am and then wake up at 8am to go school on the following day. Shag.....

I was wondering. Pardon me if you dont get what I`m trying to say. Even animal , reptile , insect , mammals  know about love. Dont come and ask me how you know. If they dunno they are extinct from the very creation of earth. It is invisible but it can be felt by them. Although they cant think much due to nature and does not have high intelligent as us. However they live peacefully unlike us. They  are pure and not corrupted. It can be boring routine but peace is there though there are predator and prey problem. Human possess knowledge that allow humans to step on moons, laws , medical , physic , weapon and so on and so on. It a remarkable feat for every single of us, yet the world is more chaotic with different generation of people thinking differently. It not I trying to promote ignorance but I just feel people are getting self indulgence through the surrounding. Averral post make me wonder non stop ever since. We are maybe becoming cold blooded animal and love this word may be erase from everyone heart. It can be spoken daily and even in milli second but yet none of it was from the heart. 

People are seeking the easy way out for themselves not for other party. Why is there so much love between the period they stay together and gone the very next minute they break? I am as  confused as Averral. I believe it is our kindness in our heart but it doesnt seen to be related. 

If there is love,

why relationship turn sour?
what is the true concept about love?
why love are used to trade with money?

People are losing their inner-self. So am I. I think? =P

I think god make a grave mistake by putting my soul in a male body. Wondering where can I WRITE a letter of complain to the God and ask for a replacement of body. Ok..... Just a thought. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jame Sin

A bait
Emo Hamster. Look kind of lonely. =O
Chew chew chew
Creepy smoke =O
Those were the day 
Lavender leaves and petals. Nice scent
You one slot me one slot, feeling wont die. 

We got a great lecturer name Jame for Research and communication studies. He send everyone laughing non stop through out the lesson. I really love this kind of lecturer. Learn plenty of stuff from him along with the laughter. Though I got the feeling we having moral education but he is reminding us and explaining the way things work in the world.

Hard to have a great lecturer. I sincerely wish that he can the lecturer throughout the 3rd yr. At least I know he is another mad fellow. So fun to know him. =D

Went to Nikon service center for the dirty sensor problem. It pretty fast the way they do thing. I think I only wait for 20min and they got the job done. Cool!! Too bad Tse not working there le, or else ask her out for lunch. =D

Went to chill after lesson. As usual, so the pocket is indeed burning bigger. Ouch!! Can feel the heat. =X Have a group photo and fun in the plaza sing. And home sweet home. 

I loved this post by a model in CS. Show your support and care for her by giving her your view.

Source of reference-----> Http://

What is Love?

Is there love?

Is love out of necessary?

Is love out of visual feast?

Is love out of anything?

I am starting not to understand the concept of love, in fact , thinking of it makes me lose it. The pragmatic application of love in our modern  context as demolished the notion of true love.

Is there such a thing that even exist? Is love illusionary? I think it is because it is invisible. Then why are woman trading their bodies with money if there is such a thing as love? Why are people trying to ''buy'' love into their lives when it isn`t real?

Is there even a thing such as love? Or is it an excuse invented by men for engaging in lustful activities for procreation. Or it is biologically inbuilt in us to love one and other so as not to destroy each other? To ensure the continuity of the human race?

Salute to her!! =D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iron deficiency anemic

Flowing upward. A bit blur. 
A lovely sight in the car. It raining!!! =D 
I love this parrot. Small peak small wing small brain too!! I think*

Let me see, if there no mistake. I think I got Iron deficiency anemic. Not sure is it serious anot. Went to search when my finger nail just turn purplish for more than a week. Feeling more tired than usual... =O Climb 2 stair already pant like mad.... I`m not fat but I think I getting old. =X A very unusual way of consoling myself. Hoho.

The info state; Person with anemia may feel tired and fatigue easily , appear pale , develop palpitations and become unusually shot of breath. O.o!!

Palpitations; Unpleasant sensation of irregular and/or forcefull beating of the heart. (Arrhythmias) Which refer to heartbeats that are too slow , too rapid, irregular or too early.

So do you think you got all this symptom? =O
Sometime staying in car during the rain is quite relaxing depending on what music you played. Like the rain drops on the window. Kinda of romantic I guess. 

Went to Dasoi ytd with louis. Everything is only $2!! Cool man, plenty of stuffs I feel like buying. However in the end I bought lavender scent and Ocean scent. I think I`m gonna get velvet rose too. Time to save money I Think. 

Chen ming with his platoon are having outfield ytd. Mosquitos will welcome them with their greatest blood sucking technique. =X

Saturday, July 19, 2008

GG for coming Sems

Another part of my family members =)
Pouring out passion
Saga Love
Sniff sniff....
Squeak!!! XD

School opening this coming week!!! ='(

I check the timetable again. I was shocked to see monday to friday got lesson. There wasnt any off day in between!!! My pocket money is burning bigger this time I guess. Awww....

3days ago, finally got a chance to call out Apple. Together with guo xiong we went to Ym house. Saw Yc and uncle!! Chill down there relax and chit chat abit. Yc get to share how he get MC to aim for the repost of his NS which was quite hilarious and lame. I wont mind suffer for 2 yrs to kill the fat in my tummy. =X Went Sunshine place to have snack and then send apple home. I just feel very happy for apple now. People do change for the better. -)

2days ago, went to book basic theory and visit sheng huat. Went his house, see his poly Cert and the grade. Chat the whole afternoon and then got a chance to have an afternoon nap. I like the cool breeze and the warm sunlight. Waaa...shoick!!! Saw Uncle and get to have 2box of Mercy chocolate. =X Went home during the evening, buy the bedding for the hamsters. Yao Jun cant make it in night so kinda of eager to see him even more. Grin* Watched Red cliff with Kelvin and have breakfast at Mac in Orchard. Reach home at 5am plus. 

Ytd have family dinner. Went Chomp chomp. Nice food nice price, everything is so nice. I think I eat 2 person share. =X Chat about what teenager alway think of. A snap and home sweet home. =) When I saw the photo. Omg!!! I think I`m going for slimming campaign. >.>||

I give the last bottle of Saga seed to someone whom I feel deserve it more. For 2 valentine, I couldnt bring myself to give her. Time is ticking, bit by bit eating away the passion I still cling on. Loving those who need care and concern is better than loving someone who turning a cold shoulder on you. This is how I feel.Half a yr left, hope everyone can have smooth sail ahead. =)

I maybe dumb in anything or everything. I guess it alright.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mix up!!

Guess what is the Mrt Staffs thinking when they see this from their CCTV. Hahaha
Fun fun fun!!
Our snack... Yummy!!
Tata~ My hamsters!!
Escape artist or prison break? Lucky I saw it poking out. I wont want a hamster disappeared while I`m cleaning the cage. =D
My 2nd table. Kinda of messy. Just change the bedding for the hamster. 

Waterfall ( Somehow the left side of leaves is distracting ) Eeeek...not nice le
Waterfall ( This look better? ) =)
Main Crew for the outing.

I mixed up the date of my 4th brother Chen ming enlistment date. It was yesterday instead of next monday. NOOO!!! We had a gathering dinner before Javin and Chen ming went for their enlistment. Quite surprise that Kee wee and Wen cheng are driving. We had plenty of fun although several people cannot make it for the gathering.  This is the first time everyone get to eat doughnut together. So cool!!! Wee~

The Arab street walk was fun with CS member. Happen to meet one of my secondary school friend too. Well, the food there is sure nice. I cant talk much thank to my sore throat. D700 is out!!! New thing just coming out.......Ying hao bought SB800 but not long later. SB900 come out. Lolx....I nothing to say. 

Went to botanic garden with 2 daughter of mine and their classmates. Get to make up for the path I did not went for the first time for my stock photo hunting. Phew.... Bunny was having sore throat which was quite a relief. I dont want bunny to get on my nerve. It`s so scary. Hahahaha. We had dinner at makansutra. The food turn out to be soso. Maybe I prefer Raffles place there when it come to satay. Kind of having a heart to heart sharing session. Oh well, what life? Life is meant to be screwed around till u shout to the gods. Stopping screwing around!!! =X I enjoy the dinner. 

Unfortunately, the cupid that is watching over me didnt have any arrow. The bow is rusty and the string is snapped. I`m happy that he didnt go and anyhow shoot or else I`m gonna be in trouble.

If you like smooth music, I will recommend you Joe Hisashi. Plenty of nice music. Piano (Eng Version) , Ryojo , nostalgia ,  the wind of life. 

Goodbye from Air supply is very touching. I repeated it for 1 whole night just because my brain was filled with someone. Daniel and Justin taste in music seen to be quite alike to mine. =D

Was quite happy that the running wheel for the hamster didnt creak or make any funny sound because the whole night they  just keep running.