Sunday, August 31, 2008

Registration Of Marriage

Nice flower?

Holding on
The Cert
Desert and Red wine,

  The Owner did not give the permission for me to upload any pictures of them or any other involve in the ceremony. So I can only upload this few photo. =P However I hope everyone can get to know more how is Rom like. 

  Get to learn more about about this type of indoor wedding. Thx Daniel =D

  After attending the ceremony, it come to my attention about how I think about love in the first place. Human beings are selfish at times , we are pampered and we alway get the things we want. If it come to objects or meant that can be bought through money. Love is something else, unique and full of mystery. 

  Sometime thing are better left alone , it will be go along with the flow of nature. If we really love someone , we dont have to let them know. Wishing her/him happiness is the same as loving. Even not fated to be together, knowing someone you love is living in bliss. Shouldnt you be contended?  =D Just from my view. =)

  I going to be dead for this term assessment....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nafa excursion!!

Reporting in..
Follow me..
Staring or deep in thought?
When all the freaks gathered!!
Spot the difference
Our class!! Quite a number didnt turn up though. =X
Evening view from my kitchen during my dinner. A short but a very good break by enjoying the sunset with a cup of drink. =D
Didnt have a good wink last night. Woke up like a zombie searching for some food. Squeeze in the bus which was very unexpected including the slow traffic.
So the class went on an excursion to Bolly wood/ farm something with other several class too. It wasnt exciting but still great. It a very good exposure for everyone to learn things and communicate with each other. All the photos uploaded are few shot of outing. Yup yup... =)
So get to have my 3 in 1 meal at jurong east MRT with the guys before going home. Went back home to eat again. =X So was enjoying the scenery from the kitchen. XD Love it!!
Got my mac back finally. Thank my buddy P for his laptop or else I wont be able to go online and edit any photos.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My photo for Nuffnang competition

Taller than the building =)
What happen recently?
My PC was corrupted till reformat disk also become corrupted. My Laptop crashed last week and pretty much of my work was gone just like that. I need to hand in few project on week 7 and the rest on week 8. The best is that now this is week 6. Can you feel the fear in my heart? 0_O....some of my project do halfway and gone!!!
PC fairshow for this season seen to be better. Much more varieties although I dont remember seeing any stall that got sell laptop or pc spare part. I did see NEC got trade in for laptop. This is kind of cool** So better check out with NEC.
Nikon are pushing the sale of their lens with abit of discount too. I think I will go for the freebie along.... XD
_ : Live your Digital Dream with Canon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kent ridge photos

Smile 02
Yup everyone inside the photo except me. =X
Leaders briefing. 
Checking first aid box
Mini game 01: Yes!! We are the first!!
Mini game 02 : Smile 03
Mini games 03 : Catching
Mini games 04 
Feeling tired? 

Dig out my old photos after one of my friends mention she need the photos of the events for presentation for the youth group.  Enjoy =)

If you like to watch Romance movie. Watch Mr Quiz King ( South Korean Movie) 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working on my hamster to send for Canon photography Contest

Hail the 1st Hamsterlord!!!!
Sheepish.Please stop moving your head away from my camera!!
Omg.....he really turn away from the front. Have to take from other angle.
Crown falling down. Stop nodding your head please!!!
Alamak!!! Crown drop onto other side. Sian liao
Put on Crown again. Sheepish full le. He went biting the props!! >.<|| Sheepish start to move around. Nooo!!! O_O!!!
Sheepish run off and left his crown after some distance..... T_T
He went set up a barrier for himself. Helo!! I`m your  owner not  some fat monster!!!! Sigh~
Sheepish went to sleep straight away when I return him to his cage. Eat so much but never help me!!! Only know how to eat and sleep. Haven even pose for me at least one nice picture. T_T||

I spend one whole night testing a simple pose of my idol * The 1st Hamsterlord*  So I cut out a small crown to test it. I give sheepish the chocolate crunch as his treat for the only way he will not move around is when he start eating. 

I set up the light and the backdrops. A simple cloth and testing the exposure. Put the treat in the middle when I finish the preparation. 

I dont have to explain what happen as you all can see from above the photos the process of making my idea photo to send for the Nuffnang photography contest. 

I take out nimble and the moment he landed on the cloth. He run off and he just keep running around. So I totally dont have the chance to take any snap of him. 

How I wish I cant communicate with hamster...... =.=||

Want it as your desktop background? Leave your e-mail in my COMMENT box not TAGBOARD* 

Thank. Recommend my blog around to all hamster lover too!!! =D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Barrier down

The Alien time: Stroll in the park

  I have nothing to post but would like to give my gratitude to all my sisters who lend their ear and their advice for me. Xiao mei, thank alot for the draft too. =D

  Need to thx my bro and my buddy for the idea how to tackle the problem. We guys seen to have alot of crazy ideas. XS

  Once again would like to thank Isaiah my boss for the guidance. =)

  For some reason, each of us develop a barrier against other people regardless of who they are. For this alone , we miss the chance to know and understand them better. Coffee just went cold and a new cup was given. 

  Will you choose the cup or the coffee first? If it the cup that mean you are a materialistic type and sorry to say that your thinking toward love is shallow. 

  I spent quite sometime thinking and cooling down. I`m afraid to say I will definitely regret if I stop right in my track. There are thing which too precious for me to give up. The coffee definitely taste kind of bitter and sour yet it feel so warm down in my heart. 

  Tackling gal is one of the challenge to us guy just like how you hold your cup. Some never pick up the cup and left it down there admiring in distance. The coffee went cold and it mean the end. Some hold onto the cup without tasting. For this situation, there a saying goes yet so near yet so far.  Some have slip and leave the cup down there forever. Some ask for a new cup of coffee. 

  True everyone got it own personal taste. However what is important is are we able to appreciate the coffee given. If we get to drink finish it. Will you still go for another cup of coffee?? 

  I only get to admire the cup of coffee from the distance. I have no idea is the coffee cold or getting sour. If I have a chance, I will like to heat it up again if it cold and taste it. Just 1 cup of coffee is enough for me. Nothing less nothing more and I am  contended. 

  How about you?

Monday, August 18, 2008


I get to know that I am actually having Limerence. 

Http:// ( Source of reference )

Check it out if you are having this problem. 

Change the song to Hemisphere . Leave a comment if u like the song. =)
Just found the lyrics for Hemisphere  ( Opening theme of Rahxephon ) =D

Even so, What can I possibly do?
What can I do to change this tiny box garden reality?

I haven`t even lived half of my life;
rebelling aginst, and embracing others -
These experiences are being tattooed onto my subconscious.

"Adversity" grabbed my arm,
and for the first time, I could see where I was.
Towards a wider field; towards somewhere deeper, larger...
I`m just heading towards a world which I cant even imagine.

Tell me, what is the definition of "Strength?"
Does it mean to hurt yourself,
or perhaps to throw yourself away to protect someone who you should protect?

Humans keep walking onward,
just in order to keep on living,
they proceed, while still decoding an incomplete piece of data.
It look like I`ve already walked out of the desert of my beginnings, alone.
I want to remain as myself till the day I turn to ash.

Where did I come from, long ago?
Where will I go , in the far future?
Being thrown around without knowing; time will come to an end before I realize it.
It look like I`ve already walked out of the desert of my beginnings, alone.
I want to remain as myself till the day I turn to ash.

"Adversity" grabbed my arm,
and for the first time, I could see where I was.
Towards a wider field; towards somewhere deeper,larger...
I`m just heading towards a world which I can`t even imagine.

I just want to know about myself.

Link for the opening video: Http://

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Painting with light Photography

1st shot-Testing lighting and shutter speed.
Note= Please take note that object color should not contrast against the background like 1st shot.
2nd shot self test. Checking for flare. Me and my hp!!! =D
3rd shot- The project begin
4th-  Circle. Finally got the right shutter speed , ISO , aperture and EV
5th- Edited*
6th- Sparkle
7th- Olympic!!! The middle person didnt swing bigger. =X
Thx for watching!!! XD

   If you are a regular reader. I am happy to say I whine enough and I will try to bring more entertaining tale instead of those grumpy stuff. =)

  All photos above are define as painting with light photography. You are able to draw anything with any tool whether it can be a normal torch light or any sparkle. You can try it on your own with just a PNS camera in M mode. Please note that there should not light in surrounding area. The light holder are advise to dress in totally black. 

  Photographer are recommend to use bulb in shutter speed to capture the whole/ part movement of the holder. 

  Went to help my classmate Mint in her assessment regarding this painting with light photography. Got more help and fun when Shihan and her friend tag along. Was happily taking photo at the back of the school (NAFA) the road there halfway. We are being chased away by this security guard saying we need a lecturer accompany us. I dont see the reason we need to leave. We pay school fee to study and work hard. Doing project on sunday night behind the school on the road is a crime? Taken down the detail of that security guard supervisor and will ask the lecturer first. Damn lame to me >.<||

  Went for dinner together chilling. Talking about how much work left undone and returning home feeling more stress!!! XD 

  Jun Jun Riko is so cute!!! =P

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rushing months

  I wanted to post my comic strip but I haven edited it due to my workload.

  Group projects plus other projects need to be handed in week 7* which is way too fast for me. I know someone will say only me alway not enough time to finish it. Hopefully I can be able to finish all the stuff in time. 

  What I want write today is about life. 

 { Life was so simple so pure. But the inevitable happened , we eventually grew up. We became exposed to a world of betrayal , hate , lust , violence , greed , selfishness. We soon begin to realize that the fantasy world we are were living in isnt as perfect as the one we grew up thinking it was. }


I`m sure everyone also have the same feeling as me. There nothing to do except to be wary when some treat you nice in the front and stab you hard at the back. 

More about me:

 Before continue reading the rest . You may not get my meaning due to my poor english. I`m a person who doesnt care so much about my appearance and from times I`m quite blur. Deep in thought missing all my friends , buddy , family who had begin their own life. Engaging their stuffs and the limited time and resources that restricted me from contacting everyone single one of them. I`m a person who prefer old friends than new friends who think alike like me. I`m abit old traddition thinker so I alway may have problem communicating with the youngsters. I dont go into fashion although I love fashion. Despite what I have, a nikon camera and a mac and whatever. I wear those funny T-shirt and worn out jean to school giving the impression I am a shabby guy from some kampong. I`m not rich and alway ran out of money before reaching the last day of school for the week.  I alway hang out with a few people and my favorite spot is the canal bridge at the back of teckwhye secondary school where I can graze the stars and the moon. I`m more toward talking about our problem , life and thinking instead of playing a fool of each other. Alway from conversation, the bonding from the person become stronger. 

  I`m a guy yet sometime I thought I dont fit to be one. It funny and kind of weird but it just happen. When I try to be honest and nice, I was eaten up. When I try fight back , I was being eaten up again. Some people just believe I`m a person who is nerd , pevert , stubborn , reckless , blah blah. I`m not going to stand up and explain to them. Wasting my time to people who dont think and people who judge by appearance. Yes, I have a double personality which can be explain through my neurology and horoscope. 

  I was being questioned times to times why I pray at guan yin temple. The reason is simple. I pray for those who need more help and love than me. There are people starving , homeless , suffering , blah blah blah. I get to have nice foods, nice house and warmth with everyone I know but not everyone do. I do get provoked easily at times when sensitive issue like my bald head. I still laugh though I hate it. Having hair loss was due to the radiation from the computer and lack of sleep ever since I was 15 yr old. Things just accumulate and it just happen. I just lied to some people how it happen. I want to observe how they react and true as I expected. 

  I spend 2 years observing how will singaporean people will reacted when someone inferior to them mix around with them. It good and bad though bad things happen the most. Couldnt help but sigh when I realize how people think was so different. 

  Having more knowledge and power is a bonus in life. I have seen with my own eye how they use it for their own selfishness. Instead of sharing , they mock at other who are inferior to them. So sad this is how some clever people think. Didnt they know what go around will come back? 

  It going to be 3 yrs soon by next year May. I learnt alot of things. I couldnt help but to say that my current class. Only will a few will remain in contact. A discussion with one of the elder how thing work bring me to another direction about maintaining friendship. 

  The gal I love is breaking my heart. I never told her I like her anyway. She treat me as an jinx. From time to time, my heart weep although my brain will never understand why must it be her. Alas, from one incident. My heart finally died down and color change to dark purple from red. Dislike or hate about her is growing and maybe it more about her personality. Or is she a victim of the society too? Being betrayed , hated and fooled....I never know her history although how I wish I know. I just want to embrace her in my arm. However it all ended yesterday.

When time is ripe, I will send my gratitude and my apology to her. Ending one of my chapter of my life.

  A new chapter is being flipped. 

" I trust my feeling so much till feeling fade. A pathetic experience that was given by the god. Surviving the crisis with one breath left. Now I am merely a human without a soul. "

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grenade mishap

Feeling hungry?
Nimble gnawing his teeth

Puala Ubin Trip on Sunday with CSer
The evening Moon
Hi Doggy =)
Swiss resting
Journey back

To all Tagger: I have no idea how to reply to everyone. Hmmm...If you are asking about the photography. I happen to have the  len to snap the moon. The lighting of the wine bottle happen tobe taken in low shutter speed in a total white enclosure. =)

  Matt: Helo Matt, time to add me in your msn. =))
  Jeffu: I get to know Matt through Nuffnang =P
To Monkey lover: Hehe, I also like the monkey photo. Cant get any nearer to take photo of the baby monkey. It look so CUTE!!! XD 

  I went to Changi hospital to visit a buddy of mine yesterday. His right leg was fractured. It happen during the grenade throwing which all NS people get to throw a live one through their life. He fall on the rubber ground from the height of less than 1m from a distance of 2 running step after running.  

  Went straight after lesson. Was abit relieved that it wasnt as bad as what I think. However I know that he is very sad. He cant go OCS or POP. He was told he may go recourse and down batch from B to C. A jolt was embedded within his leg bone which he had to take out again in a year time. I had no idea how to console a guy whose ambition in NS was crushed in an exercise.  His family came not long later and ask him what happen.

  If you read carefully. It was a mystery that why his bone fractured from such a low height when the ground is those singapore playground the rubber which help to absorb impact. He only run 2 step and then he slip.   ._.

  My mind was dot dot dot dot dot......even now my brain is full of dot and question mark. 
  His officer visit him too with a short conversation, consoling him and telling that they will fight for him Recourse issue. The guys came and we left around 10pm. Wish him an early recovery!!

  Another chapter of my thought:
  Did god create this as a test of our faith? Is there any solid proof that this is the work of the god? 

  One of my classmate was joking that my buddy become Professor X from the X-Men. I want to laugh but I feel angry too. In the end, I dunno should I laugh or get angry. =3 

  Kind of bastard but I like it. =X

  Change to a song with vocal. It cantonese and I dunno the lyrics but really love it. XD