Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Alien times ( Question )

I`m a person who like to question myself , my thought , my action and way of life. When being left  alone , I will hold a meeting with  my fingers and debate on a topic till majority agree. Sometime we never agree on something due to conflict of interest and one example is about True love. A crazy artist but not mad yet.....

When something good happen. The 6 of us will just keep chanting Banzai!!!! 

Instead of putting the tittle on the strip. I put my blog address in it. Going to find a supplier and sell my alien design on T-shirt..... Good idea? 

Monday, September 29, 2008

A short series of cats

Sleeping on table
Sleeping on marble floor
Sleeping on a chair
Catch the stick!!!

Update log: Music change to Two less lonely people in the world by Air supply.
Let wish there no one lonely in this world. =)

Cat is cute. So is hamster.... =)

  For some reason, I am giving away my hamsters. 2 male, Nibble and sheepish. Come along with a cage , bathing sand , food , and water bottles. 

  E-mail me if you are interested. =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Helo panda!!

Somehow I still like this old photo....Halo halo!!! I got a new pair of shoes...

and there she goes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A sneak preview of Nafa Vibrancy

Update Log: Songs change to You Yi Dian Dong Xin By Jeff Chang.
                       ( The song I listen for the whole of last week. =P )

The singing session is perform by our class except the right person. =X 

Nafa vibrancy is a showcase of talent that each person had. The institution promote and encourage every student to show their talent and of course to make the whole institution more lively. So it not going to be just project and research everyday. =)

Not only that today evening, all the year 3 students have a dialogue with the Principal. Everyone get a clearer view about the career prospect and the salary for fresh-grad. We also get the chance to give our feed back what can be improve.

I miss the chance of bringing out to the principal about an issue which I feel affect all the level. Nayang academy is an Art institution and if any student who took up the course of visual communication, Multi-media and Fine Art too. We need to get design software like Photoshop, 3D-Max , Dreamweaver , Flash , Final-Cut Pro. In singapore, a student price for just 1 software cost $499 and plus plus which is way out of option for many students. 

So is there anyway the institution can get these software at special and affordable price for everyone? Many of the students are using pirated software. The worst part is that pirated software are known to contain bug. Some function not working which greatly affect the workflow. 

So if we are asked to use our personal work desk in internship. We are not using the original software although most of the employer do not ask about it. However there are people who are being question through interview which in turn make a drastic impression. Big Based company tend to be more attentive regarding this topic.

Nayang poly started visual communication course not long ago. So I get to know 2 of the students through a seminar. I was very surprised that they are offered $50 for a bundle of softwares. Photoshop, illustrator , Flash and just afew. It is not full package but it consist several important software throughout the 3 years of course.

There is an event host by a company which also sell a bundle of Adobe CS3 for only $97. I am not sure what are the software in the bundle. It only sell to primary school , secondary and NUS from what I heard from the staff. However you must produce your student pass and your particular. It is only valid for the student of the school or institution and MOE staff. 
There is a mislead information about original software being shared. When 2 person and above share one CD-key. It is no longer counted as original unless stated by the rules and regulation during the installation log. Yes, Adobe got the detail of particular for the specific Serial Number. However it will alright if you are not using for commercial purpose. =)
Some contest requirement do state that no pirated software is allowed.

Apparently , it is understandable that people around you do not believe in you in times. However , it is up to each individual choice. Time to rush my assessment!!! XD

Monday, September 22, 2008

Singapore Motor Show 2008

01- Black Lamborghini. One of my dream car!!
03 -
04- Lamborghini
05 - Lamborghini
06 - GTR
07- Mazda RX-8
08- Steering wheel 
09- Want to blast the whole car with music? 0o!!
10- Lambo steering wheel
11- Mercede 
12- Want to drink and smoke while driving? This is a good choice. I`m sure the traffic police will be surprise if you install this in your car. =D
15- Honda Civi ( TYPE-R)
16- Engine
18- Audi
19- GTR
20- Do you think this model is nice? =O 
21- Standing by and ready for a great race.
22- ferrari
23- Alfa Romeo
24- Skyline GTR
25- Lotus Car. One of the most expensive car in singapore. I like the car very much although it is a 2 pax type. Very appealing to those who know how to listen to muffer and engine music produce. This is a monster car that will thrill you once you get to drive it.
26- A pink Subaru. Wondering is the driver a female. =3
27- This sticker character is from gundam seed or seed destiny. Kind of cool to me. 
28- Mitsubishi ( Unknown model Detail )
29- GTR
30- Unknown
31- Another model. =P
32- Ferrari ( Olden model )
33- The ghost Rider I should say. Look at the hood of the car which got the ghostly car sticker on it. Awesome!!!
34- Subaru ( Unknown model detail )
35- Transformer logo in front of the car. A little kind of weird in the front light. Dont you think so?

*Update- Music changed to Phantom of Blue From Maximum Tune 3
For this Entry

Went to the singapore motor show 2008 on last sat. As you can see, there is alot of nice racing and luxury cars. Speaker in the back and tachmeter all this etc etc. Get to see any of your ideal car??

I do not know the full name of each car if you can see the picture label is blank* So you can put down the No of the picture along with the full name of car in the comment box not TAG board. =)

So after seeing the photos, got the desire to buy one of the cars above and race in singapore? =P