Friday, November 28, 2008

The Alien Times: Vibrant life

Life is vibrant....let live to our fullest no matter what happen. =D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Alien Times: Letting go

If ever there come a day I live without you, then I will wonder what will it taste like.
If ever that fateful day come, I will left my heart on the ground.

I will no longer want to carry on the broken shards of heart through this coming winter.
Bury it along with the icy flakes of snow and deep down frozen.

May it find a new life when the first blossom of flower bloom.......

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another evening view

Get to return home early even though I still haven finish the editing.

Was awe by the sight of the sky in the evenings. The dark grey and blue clouds with different patterns fill up the orange yellowish sky. I love the colors contrast and the vibrant colors fade into light blue and slowly to dark blue......

A very short moment but captivating to me. =)

Lives couldnt be as vibrant as sunrise
neither as clear as an empty skies
but we can be the stars in the night
guiding and blessing others.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Life Transformer of Mei mei life

Went back home early from attachment since my brain cells seen to be totally toast...

Sit down and watch life transformer with my grandma. =)

In this episode, it is about a family of 7. A father was sick and have to work. A mother who got liver problem. The most amazing part is that the parent are supporting 5 children. In singapore when expenses are high and soar like superman...Oopx... jk... =PpP

It is very hard to support 5 children and by watching 40 mintues of the video ( reach home at 8.20pm ) I was touched by the show and really applaud to those volunteers. All the volunteers in this world are doing a great job. It can be just a small task by when accumlated it can make a great difference in those needy people lives.

It is hard to nuture a child well and it is a great commitment in everyone lives. The parent love for their child is so great that any hardship to them is nothing. What they only wish is their children to grow up well and healthy.

I am speechless when seeing the house condition and I think I really love the part when the cane are found behind the ward robe. Just make me remember all the cane my parent bought not long ago are alway being dump behind the ward robe and also the rubbish chute. Weee~~!!! XD

It is an one hard work for everyone to help clean up the whole room and was shocked to an nest of ant in the kitchen. Christopher lee just spray the pesticide on them straight away...spray spray!!! -X

Naughty kid are hard to educate and there is alway a proper method to handle these problems. I cant be sure of myself if ever I gonna be a father. Who know I just let the mother be the evil person and I be the mr nice guy saving my own children. Hehehe.....

Love is commitment and I really salute both of them for their faith toward each other. Poor but lovingly family within the poor house condition. Money cannot buy everything but I cannot survive without money also......Ooopx... =X

First day of attachment was great although I still never get to meet how my boss look like. Make a big round of walking around Farrer park figuring out which office was it. Love the fact I am working along with another designer and it just happen to be my school mates!! 2 brain is better than one.

Designing styles and Strategy approach discussion are so exciting. Get to discuss with Hana the visual effect and typography about obout project. I think I really like this internship. Need more times to produce more brain cells.....

Saturday, November 22, 2008


>.<..... dot dot dot.

(*.*)....??? (._. )....yea? (._. )||.....??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Alien Times: Far far away

Far far away.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Couldnt sleep peacefully as something is troubling me. I guess today I will just whine my whole day off, please go away if you dont like me whining. =X

It gonna be the last day when we will be same class again. All this time, I just keep quiet and never take initiative. Let just admit I am afraid of rejection. Very afraid. Some people are stubborn lot and I guess I am one too in this area.

There isnt any good start for me and the progress wasnt either a pleasant one. Tackling a girl wasnt my field and I will stuck to the ground. Appearance , background and character, I may lack part in each topic. People will console you to have more confidence but my confidence was swept away whenever I see her.

Everyone got their cup of coffee and apparently I am not her type. A cup of coffee no matter how it taste like or the customer favorite. Isn`t it the best when it warmth in the hand?

It was a short cross over of our destiny to meet.

Wash me away,
wash my heart away,
far far away,

blow me high,
high up into the empty sky,
up to the moon,

burn me into ashes,
melt my heart slowly,
the pain in my heart,

everything was true,
yet an illusion,

a message to be send,
beneath the depth of my heart,
a silent one...

the sky look so clear,
the sun is so warmth,
ye snow in my heart,

maybe it fate,
maybe not,
only god know,

getting close to you,
was hard was exciting,
was painful,
was fatal too,

thou ever wonder,
wonder why it you,
it been you all the while,

thousand of honey words,
my mouth cant produce.

simple romance,
I may not ensure,
I am still willing,

what do we really want?
good figure...
sweet voice...

If so, let remain silent..

till the time when river dried up,
only then the truth surface,

we shall blade farewell,
heart to heart peacefully,
moving on to the next chapter.....

Love require effort, we know it. How can a love be aquire when no effort is done and by keep quieting? How can love be form when communication is so poor. How to create love out of nothing? Love love love, it a sweet posion that everyone is willing to die for it.

I am willing to start everything from the scratch. An ending is also a new chapter of life and an add on of the previous chapter. Every single page I flip of my life, there alway an image of you. Only know to put my word down in this diary because this is my own world without the fear of confessing to you.

Today is the last day, all my hope just dim away......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding of Rijal & Yanti

I went for an exposure shooting invited by Skyimage on last sunday at Changi village hotel. Get to work 2 other photographers as well, Iskandar ( 2nd ) and Helmi ( 4th ) From the left. So total there are 4 active photographer including Skyimage.

Upload more since I got much more time to spend with editing and uploading. So here goes the story..

He drop his hair wig accidentally.... x)

The couple employ an emcee on that night. It was so fun with him around. Got to have supper with him and I asked him is he an indian muslim? He reply back that he is from japan!!! XD

After getting to learn with active photographer. I know it time to prepare more batteries for the external flash. Apparently 8 energizer is not able to sustain for just one night. A kit len is good and it produce decent shot. However the restriction of a kit len is easily spotted when you know there are some of the shot you are unable to take. Come and think about it, even my client are happy with the photos. I will be still frowning away. I want to get my ideal shot and I know I am still way back the professional. I will continue to work harder.

Got an deal at december. I charged the client $218 from morning till afternoon. A worthy deal I guess. Can earn extra pocket money and get more exposure. 

Marriage is indeed a sacred moment of each people life. Do not expect too much from one another and live in contend. Love is around us but hard to reach for it. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Remain speechless after reading a mail.

It is pointless to express what I want. Different interest different attitude and different route we will walk. Till this day, if ever you regret the path you taken. Then you should stop and look back reflecting the past memories of your and get going when you find strength.

Some people treat you well while some treat you with disrespect. Some just love stabbing your back and you get hurt. Some remain netural and they see everything. It is hard to find true friend and friends disappear as time flow. You find new friends and lose old friends.....this is a kind of life.

My secondary school life is indeed the best of my life. 1 class have 40 people but united even spilt into group. Different group but united under the name of the class. The period of time where I grow up and trust every single of them easily. We laugh and chat , we know our manner and courtesy. Naughty but we know our limit. Suffer but never along for I know there will alway be people joining in the punishment by the teachers. I never experience any bad influence or incident in my school life. Even someone try to bully one another, we find more support from the class and even neighbour class. This is the most glory moment I even stood to witness. I had my belief and faithfully hold onto it.

Alas everything changed when I shift to my teritary education. Learn how to close up my heart and the way of living alone. Not everyone can be trust easily, there are people who just like to make use of other. Political problems , social problem and other blah blah. It is a good lesson to learn and it help me to be mentally prepare for the future that there are people who bastard and only know how to depise people. Some people who like to play as hypocrite. Expect more when you are stepping into the real society of life. If caught unprepared then you may end up suffering more.

I get to know. The world is beautiful and the ugliest thing in this world is nothing more than just a human heart.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Of Hock Lin & Lorraine

Went to my relative wedding and volunteer as the 2nd photographer. So upload several of it as a preview. Hope everyone like it. =)

02- Generous serving
03- The Barrier

04- Love cheque
05- Our room
06- The Ring
07- Signing
08- Stacking
09- Walk in
10- Our Celebration

I have done a wedding photo montage too. 

Ok, I need to rush my assessment by this friday.....Gogogo..Hope everyone enjoy

A comment on the past entry of my previous blog

I got an e-mail informing me about a comment left in one of my old blog by a visitor. Went to have a look and this is what she say " Good word"

You are the brightest star that illuminate the heart of people. Thou you attract many ye you await only one. Whoever you choose, it definitely happiness that follow after your decision. Shine brightly in the skies.............

This sentence was written down on 03 Oct 2007 and it is for someone I like very much. Although I had to admit not long ago I had given up waiting for a miracle but I didnt regret anything. 

I think it will be create an ending sentence for her too. So here goes nothing.

My Belief
So 2years and a half had pass with the iron curtain of gloom. Never had there been a moment of any light streaking into your heart. Despair and disappointment lurk in every danger that swallow every single courage from my heart. Faith and hope are the key and my sole belief for you yet it never enough to reach for you heart.

Winter is reaching soon and it spelled the end to all my faith and my love for you. I will be happy for I know that at least this one sided love is committed faithfully without fail. The freezing dead ice can bury me and take me down to hell with them but the memory of the past will be the light of my life. 

I never get to see summer and anymore changing season. None will remember my past and so is the millions of people out there with the same heart as me. We will and shall bless those who deserve true love to carry on our wills....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hoping Miracle for other

I return home and watch Life transformer with my parent. It was a very short 30 show about the true life of someone. In this epsiode, it about the life of a young lady who was going to be in her prime when she was struck down with a virus. =(

I was confuse about the gender of the person when I first saw her/him. Was shocked that he was a she....okok... I was really shocked to see the appearance of her before and after the illness. I couldnt help wondering why does it happen to her. I believe viewers that watch this epsiode couldnt believe such a pretty girl have deteriorate to such a stage. Parent and sibling have spend alot on her medical expenses.

Out of curiousity, I ask my father is there any hope for her. My father explain that she suffered a brain damage due to the heat*. High fever for 2week is a very serious problem for anyone even for a physically strong able person. The chance to recover is very small but there is alway miracle. There is miracle everyday every moment every second. As long they do not give up hope, the heaven will be touched by their action and hopefully one day, they will find miracle.

She is 26 now and she maybe in that state forever. No words can explain my feeling for her. What can she do in the future? Who will alway be by her side till her last breath? What if she got a boyfriend during that time? Life is not easy as mentioned but it spelled the ending for her bright future.

I am speechless and this is what I think. I am lucky person to have a good family even though my mother is way too naggy but she still love me. My father is a quiet person but he is the silent predator and alway guide me the way of life. My brother used to fight with me and we have broke almost everything in the house but we also love each other for we know brother are hard to have so is family.

I like to complain and whime in the past but as the same time I appericate and cherish more thing. Life is fragile and people will never understand this until the moment they face the crisis themselves. Let this be known that parent love are unconditional and so is family love.

The miracle I alway have is dead not long ago but I wish miracle will happen on the girl Wanying (If I`m not mistaken )

If miracle doesnt happen then please fall it on someone who need it. There are many people out there who suffer more than us, people who are starving , terminal ill ( cancer, Aids= chronic disease ) , orhpan , deserted elder, handicapped , mentally/physically disabled etc etc.

I can understand that this is life. It just happen, it is fate. God can explain it and it alright. Yet tears will flow along such a consoling sentence.

We are lucky whether we are born poor or born as slow learner. Each of us have our own weakness in our appearance, character/ Attitude and thinking but we should be happy for these are the thing we can learn to improve and we can change it. Be happy that we live be happy alway and forever.

Wish the one you love to be happy, wish everyone in this world to be happy and wish for a peaceful world. I just wish everyone can get a smooth sailing. Life is meaningful and beautiful.

So try not to end your own life for there people who are fighting for their lives. You must endure the rain before seeing the rainbow. If ever there come a day when you are helpless, think of the one you love think of your family and people around you.

If that does not help, you might as well come talk to me. Hahahhaa =P

Hope everyone have a nice day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Very Sudden but just wish to tell everyone that there is alway a karma.

Sometime I wonder why everytime I say the truth, there will be people who doubt my words. I will say I dont spend so time on designing on one project and the market out there require not only good visual and crazy deadline and lastly budget.

All designer with passion have known and if our passion aim is to design something expressively from us. We will like the challenge more than ever.

Each design are unique and have different target audience. So it will be rude to say bad about the work unless constructive comment are given just like consulting your fellow employees or your employee who feel there are different direction to explore.

Art is not 100% so is photography. There will be people who like the same photo as well as people who dont like it. It their own preference.

So it will be good and not to be dishearten that people do not like your works for it could be the wrong target audience you have.

That how I get to witness it.....What you design , dont try to submit unfinished work.

You reap what you sow.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Freaking design

Done in less than 3hours  and that why the design seen crappy. Just design for the sake of fun since I cant draw someone face in the A3 drawing book and was thinking what happen to my drawing skill.....

plenty of GN particles from Gundam 00..

Blah blah....for sudden hour tonight. I just felt someone is cursing me through my back. =/

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Escape Artist

Sheepish is hungry for food. A bait tactic I found from a blog. =P

I know it been a long time since I have post photo of my hamster. Both hamsters are doing fine and not fine for me. Nimble the smaller hamster keep on bully Sheepish the fat hamster during the night. Couldnt have a peaceful night. 

It happen last week when both of them crawl out of the hamster cage. The door is spoil but still firm  so the question is how on earth did they open the door. =/ 
Woke up on the morning to find the cage empty. Get myself a big torchlight and start scattering food at every dark corner. Wait for a while and found one of the hamster taken the bait. 

I want to give one hamster away!!!! Just e-mail me if you want. It free ok!!! I am giving the smaller one. Yup yup.

Still rushing my assessment and need a good hibernate ability like bear. 

Tag Reply to all:

Thx thx, Still trying to improve on my cartoon character. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Alien Times: Sleep Eating

We heard of sleep talking  and sleep walking but anyone seen a sleep eating behavior before? Been observing my hamsters during the night while they are still sleeping , they will close their eye and chewing their food happily away. It a normal action but feel they are just so so so cute!!! =D

Will be busy for the upcoming weeks due to the assessment and the search for internship. This week seen to be a brain sucker period for me. Squeezing out my brain cell into my work. I now wonder how much brain cell produced each day and how much I squeeze them out daily. If one day my brain just shut itself down, declare me dead so I can donate my organ to the society. Nothing is impossible so it`s alright just to say it out. =P

Wont forget that my proposal essay every 2-3 sentence have either grammer, spelling, tense and broken sentence mistake. Seriously have to think about improving english or I will be a laughing stock of myself. 

Ladies and Gentleman, language is a very powerful tool for you to communicate and express yourself freely without being afraid of causing confusion. My english language was so singlish and broken that sometime my classmates get no idea of what I mean. It funny at times and people may like it but when it come to working society, it will be a total self destruction. It is a value to ourselves. Even you may not understand the importance of it , try to improve it while you are still young before feeling the claws from the people out there.

Thank alot to Ah Lin, Skyimage, Angie21, Wei Yan, Xue Yang and Ping siong for guiding and sharing their experience with me. More motivation and will start rushing the assessment again.