Friday, January 16, 2009


I found a wintered long leaf on tuesday in my school bag at a printing shop and today thursday I got a wooden chopstick in my school bag at home. Was speechless and I wonder are they attention seeker? People who attention seeker are either hyper-active people or suffering depression. So I had no idea they are under which one. =/

Allow me to have a short self intro of myself. I am studying in NAFA as a year 3 students. So I somehow still have this problem of my guys same class with me like to put stuff in my bag. Whether it is harmless or hygiene stuff, it is not pleasant thing to do. Last time they can even put some other people artwork in my bag. Can you imagine how is it to be like?

I`m very sure I wasnt studying in lower secondary school anymore but the problem lie with these few guys who got the mentality of a lower secondary school student. I`m know is either one of the 2 person who get to be same class with me but I just dont want to know who. 

I`m tired of telling them please stop these childish game. I dont see the point being angry or even care because at the end of the day, everyone need to do their stuff. I got plenty of stuffs to do anyway but I wonder how can I help both of them to mature. Everytime they will explain stuff when being question. By the way, I dont like playing sherlock homes.

If you got a 20 and 21 yr old student like playing the game of putting stuff inside your bag. What will be your reaction? I feel disappointed again.... =(

School started well and still trying out the new compact camera. =) Will upload my photo of my hamsters. =D  


  1. Don't let yourself be bullied and toyed around like that. If I were you, I'll make my frustration and dislike towards be heard.. by the appropraite people responsible for it.

    When I first came to Singapore to study 3 years ago from Malaysia, the cultural difference is almost non existant yet the mentality difference is sometimes very apparent. I too got the underage-treatment from a couple of them, but eventually I've learnt to deal with this and it's no longer a problem nowadays.

    Das Connection

  2. Hahas, so far my case wasn't so serious in school yet. Only being ignored by curtain people after winning a singing competition :(

    You can always report to the school for being uncomfortable by saying not sure who was doing this to your bag. I think the school will take action and they might stop doing it again?

  3. I always remember got once I was like 8 yo, my bro put a pillow in my bag, I actually bring to school... so shy... is always funny when u talk back...haha

  4. i can say you are quite lucky to have friends like that. back then when i was a kid i used be like you being so called bullied but mine is worst. but in your case its not about being bullied. I bet you've a grown up guy already who is strong overcoming this kind of situation. don't whine like a girl, move on and sure from time to time, everything is going fine. rest assured your friends are just enjoying their teenage life to the fullest bcoz I've been in their postition before. good luck =D