Saturday, January 3, 2009

Countdown 2009

Do you like firework?
Did you miss out the firework?
Did you enjoy the countdown?

I wont want to know. =P

Yup, singapore firework countdown was at the esplande there. Was pretty packed with alot of people who wanted to see the firework. 7 minutes of firework. And it was awesome!!

Dont believe? Let have a look at my photos. =D

And so 2009 started. A new resolution and new beginning. New clothes, new handphone and new girlfriend. Oopx... =X

Chen Ming, Me , Yuan man ( 5 yrs of brothers!!! ) 
Our group
along with Jian long group. =D
And we wish everyone a happy new year 2009!!!


Leave some comments if you like my photos. x)