Wednesday, January 14, 2009

End of internship at Nuffnang

My internship program end last friday in Nuffnang. Wanted to blog about it but I spend the remaining days to chill and some fun shopping around so didnt get to update. =P

Here the story of my experience working in Singapore Nuffnang. =)

A group shot of the whole Sg Nuffies 2008 ( Not in photo : Charis )

I want to pinch Ming face!! Pinch pinch...hehex.
Intern for the start of the Jan. Left ( Eugene ) Mid ( Hanaa ) and me!
Intern for the end of year 2008. ( Left ) Charis , ( Mid ) Hanaa and me again... =X
This is the photo during the Nuffnang retreat and the intern got the privilege to went for a performance too. Snow and the seven dwarf directed by Hossen leong. =D

Totally thumb up!!
Hanaa and I will alway sit together in the discussion room, she the one who alway help me open the chicken essence bottle. Till this day, I still have no idea why I cant open chicken brand essence.... -_-

Hanaa and I are intern under visual communication. We get to learn and do other stuffs too. In creative line, 2 head are indeed better one. We get to help each other in design. Hanaa! Thx for enduring the moment when I went crazy singing and doing those stupid action everytime I am in stress mode. Sorry for shooting your back twice during the paintball, should have continuously fire all the round on your back!!! =X

For 2 round of paintball, I never use half of my bullets. For each round, everyone got 25 bullets and I counted the number of times I shoot that why I know at the end of the round, I still have plenty of bullets. >.< .......was shot thrice and one time in the tummy. Was glad my tummy got quite a thick layer of fat to absorb the damage. =X

Looking forward to work along with you again! =)

On the last in the office, only 4 of us are in office. Ming went to KL...

So we got ourselves pizza during lunch. Clara and Eugene treat us!! Free food definitely taste good =P
One of the heartwarming part being a nuffies is during christmas gift exchange. Everyone got a pleasant surprise. I was surprise to get a book. Wont go to the detail what kind of book is it. Hehe..

Million of thank you to Cherie! Was told by Ming that she the one who give me the chance to work in Nuffnang. =)

I didnt get a chance to take photo with Ming together using my camera. =(

To Ming, you spend time and effort guiding me toward personal development. You push me hard when you know I can do it. I love all the stories you share with us during lunch and I like the way you explain to me. Sometime I just happen to irritate him and he flared up. However at the end of everything, I managed to accomplish his demand. Dont drive too fast whenever the music is at chorus because the gals are opening their mouth.. =D

He one funny boss who will sing loudly in the office overwhelming the music you are listening. He treat me more like a brother and teach me in a harsh way for me to understand directly the consequence of making that mistake. Was very surprise that he told me, he was like me when he was that young too. At the end of the internship, he make me wanted to come back to nuffnang and this time round to contribute whatever I can. My passion for commercial art increase and working under him let me realize that I will definitely grow. In this company, everyone work as a team regardless of your job scope. You can relax and chill sometime but when it come to work, you will push yourself to the limit. We get to fun together by going Ktv and interact more with each other. Learn where to go eat in some famous places. When it come to tackling gal problem, his inspiring sentence will be 'Hey dude, grab some balls!' 0_o

This is a kind of boss who will scold you but at the same time explaining to you why is he disappointed and how to prevent further same mistake. He care for everyone in the company. Good boss isnt easy to find and great boss are hard to find too. =)

Hopefully I get some balls as time go... =X

To Cherie, I learn how to be sweet mouth and more careful before speaking. Learn some of the Do and Dont toward gal. The first week of internship was hell, design the website background for the whole week with so many change was kind of @_@. Wont forget that the client keep on ask for change and change. I think your boyfriend is a durian. x)

To Raine, didnt get to chat much with her because she give me an impression that she will kill me. However it turn out she was a cute and fun gal, she give me tips and we get to joke. The best part is I never win her whenever we are shooting each other through words. I happen to went her house to taste her cooking. Can you imagine a plate of fried rice filled with alot of ingredient? Generous serving of eggs ,hotdogs and crabsticks...Went for 2 serving and I finish up the remaining rice. =D

Love her brother chicken ginger soup. One small sip and you get to taste saturated ginger essence. I really enjoy chatting with her brother in kitchen. He was preparing the food and we get to chat about our interest, thought and etc etc. He even share with me the motivation of going to execrise. A very nice muscular guy who know how to cook afew dishes. The first time I get to hitch a ride on the bike was by him. It was so cool on the bike but then I also start to realize that bike was seriously much much dangerous than driving a car. =X

To Hui Wen, She is the pioneer batch of Nuffnang. Hardly get to see her but she also live near my grandma house. Hope to see her and Glenn again! =)
I really have nothing much to say about her.... =P

To Clara, sweeting gal who like to make me have cold sweat all over. A very romantic gal and of course a faithful one with no doubt. Blur at times but I think she was daydreaming away. Learn many many things from her and enjoy chatting with her. I like the part when she mention why go for a better flower when you youself got a nice flower in your hand. Kinda of hard to find gal who are easily contend. Takkire!

I saw the photo of you and Jimmy at the toilet! Classic photo of the years!!

To Charis, I had the same thinking concept toward relationship with her when I was much younger. Cant say much but only can wish her good luck in her study and life. =)

To Eugene, only get to work with him for 1 week. Love the friday session together with the ktv session too. Happy working in Nuffnang! =)

To Hanaa, whatever you do! Stop pinching my nimple!! =X Your boyfriend is really an ideal husband and I`m not a gay!! It kinda of hard to find guy who are devoted in religon, dont drink dont smoke, dont club, execrise, play with kids, keep pet, able to cook , able to drive and most importantly being a understanding partner.

Working in Nuffnang is exciting and awesome! You will enjoy working there definitely!

Hope everyone will like my new year card design for this coming chinese new year!

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  1. Hi there, nice summary of your experience in Nuffnang. It sounds like the kind of working experience that I like! Thanks for sharing.