Thursday, January 8, 2009

My bro birthday on 1st jan

Went to find Daniel to buy his compact camera Canon IXUS 80 IS. One of my Shi fu in photography. =) Half of my internship pay gone on that day.... -_-

Daniel wanted me to take videography courses so when the time is ripe. He wanted to set up a studio and he told me he want a good videographer for the current market. I am interested to learn about videography. Trying new thing is good as you are learning new thing which may prove to be useful. =)

Dun be afraid of failure!! Failure is never fatal, Success is never final!! Found this quotes on Clara name card. =D
Meet Xiao Jereld who is only 6 month old.
My parent decided to have steamboat for this year. My whole family is vegetarian except me. I am a part timer vegetarian. =P
My bro and his gf. Finally a new member for my brother birthday. x)
$25 for this small cake. It a mango cheese cake if I am not wrong. Brought it at jurong point basement cakeshop. @_@.....very nice seriously. They shredded the white chocolate and put quite a layer of mango pudding over the cake. The cake itself is 2 flavor. I know it is a sub shop of bread talk.
My parent!! As we grow up older, we suddenly realize we love our parent who took so much effort and time on us. I feel very lucky that my family are going well. Be appreciative of what we should have.
Jason didnt say 3 2 and he just click the shutter away.... @_@|| I dun like this photo!!! My face look like so sian!!
Brothers shot! Jason ( Right ) was a brother of mine for several years. I alway want all my brothers to gather and have a family shot. I will be looking forward for that very day.

List of my brothers : 2nd- kai yuan , 3rd- Yuan man , 4th- Chen ming , 5th - Roy ( Lost contact
-.- ) 6th- Jereld , 7th- Jason , 8th- Yu Hang.

All of them are the best brother to me. I want them to know that this brotherhood will never fade away.

Sometime people will understand how much you care and love them even words are not spoken. Sometime everyone will be busy for months and hardly get to chat together. However you will still very happy and excited the moment when met together. I love my brothers and sister! They are part of my life and half of my happiness belong to them. =D

I just feel so so so happy whenever I think of being their brothers.
Family photo for this year!

i LOVE 1st jan!!

Wasnt able to post able due to the workload in the office for this week. Time really fly.... I just finally get to enjoy so much in working and then school going to start next week.

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