Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No idea

-_- with myself that I miss my basic theory test again....

^_^ with myself when Ming praise me for taking initiative , my bro and his gf help me buy Audio tech SQ5 headset , celebrating my bro birthday , countdown with friends , my own family dinner and brothers meet-up , getting to know the new intern Eugene. Clara patch up with her lover

T_T because one of my good friend pass away. He is strong and well verse in archery. He is almost the same as me but he is much braver than me. I still fucking hate the fact why such a good man die at young age. Stop telling me nice people die faster. In the end he pass away without tasting what is relationship... Haizz...damn....why why why!!

=O thx to the my brain that cant keep up my output in this week project. And still owning friends photos.

XD in the office beside Hanaa and was labelled crazy fellow. Too stressed and I will start to do all kind of lame action.

x) because school is coming and I looking forward for someone.


What I`m doing now?

Screwing up my brain juice that completely went dried at the 3rd design for a project deal. From the way I see myself is that if I never get to finish the work at my own expected rate with the satisfaction at the ending. I will understand I am way behind being a good designer.

Freaking hell, Stayed back to figure out the 3rd design and in the end no result......freak freak!!

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