Monday, January 19, 2009

Steamboat gathering

Our best wishes to the couple* ( Sitting on the chair )

Number 1 posture to 
Number 10!! 2nd-9th I`m too lazy to upload =X

It a vegetarian steamboat if you realize there wasnt any meat on the table. =)

And the owner happen to keep alot of hamsters. Let have a look. 

The three musketeer, they will bite their way out of the cage no matter what happen.

Prison break... =X

It was 2week ago when I went to shi xin house for steamboat. I brought my compact camera and test it out. Apparently, plenty of shot went blur. -_-

I didnt help out much because the tv program happen to be star war 3 I think and all the guys are transfixed on to the tv. =)

Hmm.... I enjoy the food and really enjoy the food because it free.... =X

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