Thursday, January 22, 2009

Story of Kz

I decided to follow up with one of my buddy with his blog. Please visit his blog if you got time to wander around. =)

One of the Target achieved : Completed 3 internship during Nafa 

Kz finally complete his 3rd internship few weeks ago. In his last internship of 7weeks , he felt he wasn`t productive enough and he just wonder how his boss felt about him. He was glad that the boss is pleased with his performance. However he love his 3rd internship the most!!

Just a few more days and it going to be 2009 so I think it is interesting to write a summary of my life from Y2K buggy year.

1 - Enrolled in Teck whye secondary famous for being an Ah Beng school. All senior bag alway tend to be empty and they had the trend of unbutton the first 2 button on their shirt. 

2 - First public Caning on the first week in the school and became part of the life style. =D

3 - Join National Police cadet corp because I am a mama boy =/

4 - Witness the power of different Ah bengs clashing weekly in the canteens. Things can fly around and you wont be surprise the foods landed safely on your head. 

5 - Marching my life in the carpark with the NCC and the Military  Band ( Teck whye - bukit pajang high ) the whole sat.

6 - My first school based camp and the first night of camp, everyone keep on singing peel banana. 

7 - Join track & field after being inspired by Mr chee

1 - More drills and under the sun.

2 - Kanaa screw upside down for being caught playing rifle with squad mate the whole afternoon. Point somemore, 5 minute PT kit in parade square!

3 - Non-commission cadet officer camp , wont forget the moment of being given push up in the toilet while cleaning. 

4 - First time heard a baby ghost cry in the school toilet during npcc camp during night patrol.

5 - Text books fly out of classroom because never do homework and enjoy the conversation with the same group of people.

6 - Advance to express instead due to poor performance in study

7 - Quit Track and field 

8 - Teacher kana wacked in class and dare not to go home because all the ah beng waiting at school gate. LOL!! 

1- New school but still haunted in some corner. =O

2- Promoted to NCO and finally can give junior push up. Give me 20 30 lalala~!! =D

3- Failed almost all my subjects drop to NA

4- First time see massive class fight across the parade square , tables , broom , dust pan , chairs and even bags waving high up. 

5- Suffer Depression 

6- Had my first god brother 

7- Become parade commander during morning assembly , my legs wobble like jelly and everyone come telling me of I look like a jellyfish. =/

8- Fail my markman because 3 bullets just happen to be outside the circle. 

9- First time a tent went crashing on me while sleeping. -_-

10- Parade commander for Npcc day, Someone screw up my performance.....

1 - Still under depression

2 - every outing  until now, my mother only give me $2.
      Night excursion , also $2..... kns... =X

3 - Had my 2nd god bro

4 - Join Lie Feng Basketball Club and was given number 15

5 - First one to knock out in the training. >.<

6 - Finally become a SSGT with 2nd drill badge but become rebellious in npcc. =(

7 - P went on suspension and expel rampage driving out all the bad eggs in school. Beyond godlike!!! =D

8 - First ghost encounter in school. Was sitting alone in school at night  revising homework halfway when a ghost float toward me. Totally cant move neither can I SCREAM!! After that believe in god. 

1- Still under despression

2- Spend less in basketball 

3- Fat grow instantly

4 - Hair loss 

5 - Seriously dunno what the hell I am thinking and doing. Plenty of friends grad to JC  and poly. 

6 - Addicted in dota , flunked my O lvl

7- Got 5th and 6th bro and 7th bro =)

8- Become Chairman of media- byte , Love filming and editing

9 - won fancy drill competition , the rifle is seriously heavy after one whole dance of marching. I never get to wear the number 1 uniform because of some stupid admin problem!!!
1- Quiet and peaceful year , nothing happen and suddenly just feel life is very empty

2- Disown 7th bro =(

3- Still flunk my O lvl >.<

1 - Intend to go Nursing course in Nyp but never apply

2 - Apply Nafa

3 - Moved house from teckwhye to siglap with my grandma ( Suddenly feel so so lonely )

4 - New lifestyle which actually suck ,

5 - ??
2007 & 2008

Oh nooo....I think I nedd a couple round of dota

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