Thursday, January 1, 2009

28th Outing

I`m not sure how am I supposed to write clear down in this entry because if I type in detail. Everyone will dozed off while reading. 

In the morning I had to force myself to wake up and join an outing. The new water trip was very good and it teach us how much singapore sustain it water resources and the technology. 

Went Marine barrage after that and I think it is a very good spot for outdoor wedding photography. Very hot weather.....but I haven evaporate yet....

In the evening , went out for dinner with my bro and sisters. 

Ok done....I need to go bed le... XD

Good night and enjoy the pictures

Reunion dinner..
Family. -)

Morning view along south view primary school. Yawnz....
A guide who explain to us about new water. =)

This dont look like any filter to me. It look more like a rail gun.....zap zap!
Group shot
Marine barrage. Go at night and dun bother during the day time because it way too plain and only the lights in the night will color up the black blue sky. =P

A guide who explain to us more about marine barrage!

If ever you are going to see this demo. You may find some 5 cent coin. Take it as a wishing well. =)
Part of the outing group. =) 

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