Monday, February 23, 2009

The curse of FYP

Art is very subjective and dynamic...

My assessment is coming this thursday. I was demoralized as art direction was being rejected for 3 times already. I think it challenging but way too challenging can make me go fly kite.

Everytime when I`m stuck, it will be either I will play left 4 dead shooting zombies and more zombies till the end of the day or it will be dawn of the soulstorm fighting alien and more alien.
Seen like the game I alway play is fighting non-human one. >.<

I think I choose the wrong topic for my FYP. I feel like being cursed now!!! Waaaa!!! 

Maybe I become a zombie and infect the lecturers.....jk.

Logo - Rejected 3 times , now haven do 4th one
Poster series of 3 - Rejected 3 times, just finish taking 4th one
Goodies bag - nil
backdrop - nil
Invitation E-card - nil
Micro Web - nil
Map - nil
Brochure - nil

Weeee~!! I`m going to shoot more zombies

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