Sunday, February 8, 2009

My dream and passion

May the light warmth up my heart and let my faith remain strong ..
I am going to redo a whole new proposal....and that work is suppose to be last semester work..
180 degree all are research, notes, sketch and my lovely speakers!!
Still figuring out my event logo.... I will just stare at the candle the moment I am stress. I will just daydream for a while before continue my project. =)

I am behind my timeline by 1 week and shooo!! 

I just decided that this year resolution is to be a man. Just that simple.... =)

Hey Ping siong! Thx for the assessing my content and sharing me your work. Free meal coming soon! =P

There are some questions I feel I must answer before contine my FYP project:

What is success to me?
A success is define when I have a high paid career , a happy family , a private estate near east coast park and able to remain in contact with my friends and buddy sharing my joy and burden.

However success was never complete in our life. ( From Clara )

What am I really passionate about?
I wanted to a pre-wedding photographer cum graphic design. Whenever my client saw the pre-wedding photograph with graphic add on. They will understand true love dont die away and the love they are holding will be with them forever. It can make till like final fantasy the game or movie like graphic. At the end of the work, my message from my work is to tell them that they still had a long journey ahead and remain lovingly to each other till the last. 

I never experience a relationship before but around me, I sense great sadness in the adult life. I wish I can help these people by assuring them that their partner was the one and only one in their life. 

What gives me energy when I am doing it instead of taking my energy?
A praise and simile from my client give me energy and alway at the end of everything. There is nothing better than seeing a client satisfacted with my work.

What have I alway dreamed about accomplishing, but haven`t really thought about how to do?
I dream to be a founder of a company that specialize  different varieties of visual work in photography and graphic as well as advertising. I daydream alot and even think of how to treat my employees and keeping high morale in the company making sure whoever work in my company wont want to go anywhere else. 

I like people with talent and good attitude. I alway look highly of such people and they will make the company a friendly and exciting environment. 

What potential do I see inside me and what have others told me about my potential in the past?
My photograph works was good, I have people who like my photography work although I had to admit that I am only proud of a few of my photography work.

Why need to change the way I am thinking?
I will die in the society if I do not do so. Personal development will determine my future.

So I decided to screw my classmate if they play their prank again. Why treat people so nice when they are playing a fool out of me and making a bad impression in font of a gal I like so much. 

What I am going to now?
I am concerned with my FYP work. I wanted to invite my family*, my teachers , my friends , my photography friends, my boss , my ex-colleagues and people who treat me well through my life.
So I want to give my best shot till my grad show. Though I cannot ensure anything but I believe in myself now. 

If you haven write out your dream and your passion. It will be to write out and give me a link of your. -)

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  1. With this kind of dreams and aspirations, trust me when I say that you're going to make it big someday! Keep the faith! :D