Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tat: Rainbow

Yesterday I was feeling down after recalling past incident and how can I save the situation. So I decided to get my dinner beside my school after thinking that everything is as good as lost. 

There a cross junction traffic light in front of the school and the sky was dark with slight drizzle. I look up at the skies thinking on how the sky reflect my mood. It was then I saw a rainbow. Among the dark grey pitch of cloud, a weak but visible rainbow illuminate my heart. 
I had no word for it but moving on to fortune center for my dinner. 

Miracle do happen. However will I get a miracle too?

Mistake in the past

People make mistakes because we are not infallible. We are human being and we get excited causing us to lose ourselves. Pain and suffering come after mistakes and everyone taste it bitterly. If we keep on looking on people mistake instead of helping them and giving them hope. We are but nothing more than just a miser.

Mistakes I make cannot be forgiven. I will live with the lesson I learnt till the very end.

True love never come smooth....

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