Friday, March 13, 2009

FYP Countdown

Counting down to the last trial. More motivation more luck.

Pretty busy with my FYP that the reason on why you never see much update. Will try update whenever I`m free!

From the picture, I`m am getting burn out pretty soon and the worst thing I hate is REDO!! Oh my god and god up there. I`m going to join singing choir of alei lu ya if the lecturers still feel I need to change my logo and posters. 

My FYP project topic: Volunteerism
Objective: Get more volunteerism
Channel: 1 day event
Target Audience: 15 - 20 

Demographic: Student without income, all races and religon who like to take public transport and hang out in the public. Like to travel, surf net, blog, design, take photo, camp etc etc. 

Art style: Posters series ( Photography )
                  Design ( Formal, vibrant, vintage )

Core Items: Micro Site , Posters
Supporting: Flash banner, E-card, Zo cards, T-shirt, Badge, Backdrop, ( Still thinking )

Let have a look at my works then. =)

Logo ( Redo 4 times)
Poster series ( Skill )

Poster Series ( Leadership )

Poster series ( Endurance )

Oh yes, I redo the poster 5 times already.

So what do you think of my work? Constructive comments are welcome! =)

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  1. hey... i like the one with the compass!

    But you may want to add in some footprints?

    hmm... just some suggestions la... =P