Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A gift from my grand uncle

Last week while praying, the whole family was down there to attend the ritual. During the dinner, my uncles and grand uncles took out their usual favorite chivas, Martell and red wine.

So as we eat, we drink along too. We joke and play along challenging each other. I had no idea how much I drink but didnt want to drink since I wanted to do my FYP when I reach home.

One of the uncle play a joke by pouring green tea and making the whole cup like chivas and drink happily.

Nobody was drunk and then my 3rd grand uncle give me a bottle of chivas as you can see from the picture when I was about to leave. XD

I love my family tree!!! Now whenever I am stress, a cup of chivas will do the job for me. Hohoho!!

Anyway for my FYP, I decided to finish everything and try not to change anymore visual as I am lacking time to finish my other planned project to put in the portfolio for the coming grad at May.

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