Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marine barrage ( The east meet the west ) 21th feb

The combine group outing ( West shooterz and ECP Shooters! ) 
Finally I got organize an outing le. Main organizer : Skyimage
On a cloudy day....everything look dull to me.

One of the photographers =)

I think this photo quality is very poor but I just like it because of the reflection. Can see me? =D
Water droplet. Shutter speed put very fast around but still blur. 
Another photographer =)
Night walk. 

Got see any ghostly figure? These are the people who are walking to and from. I wanted to a photo without people so I just try slow shutter speed and low ISO for few second. Still object will be taken clearly where else moving object will become slight invisible due to frame per second.

And so the day arrived when I was told I need to organize an outing for my small group. It a photography group in clubsnap. Apparently singapore is small and of course it is hard to find good places to shoot when almost all singaporean have PNS and DSLR and handphone camera to shoot!!! 

Marine barrage was new and of course when I post a tread not long later, I happen to saw skyimage also holding the same place and same day. So I was thinking why not a combine shootng will be good. The more the merrier! 

On that day, 23 photographers met outside cityhall MRT station. Ecp had 6 photographers while the rest are west shooters. Once all the photographers reach there, all camera are being unloaded from their bags. Free session till 6.45pm where everyone had a meal together and a group photos. 

It fun to meet more photographer and exchanging more about various topic created. 


Was addicted in this game call the sin of solar empire. I spend 1 night from 11pm till 9am just to finish 1 round. And because of the game, I was lazy to blog. Hehe. =X

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