Thursday, March 19, 2009

Project Model

Several works of my model shooting that been touched up to go into my portfolio. As you can see I only have 13 models so what is it about?

Project Model is targeting anyone and having a fresh new look of themselves. The shooting result with varies with the theme given. Each person have to meet and discuss how to making the best appearance and also better concept toward commercial art.

The objective of this Project Model was to get at least 30 different people. The shoot result can end in just close up shot, fashion shot, portrait , abstract accordingly to the theme.

In clubsnap, it is define as TFCD. Trade for CD. Photographer will give the model a piece of model release form to sign before proceeding anything else. Model maybe ask to do their own make up unless collaborate with make-up Artist. Accessories and clothes have to be self provided. Model will get a copy of model release form to protect themselves.

Shooting location and time will varies and sometime may last one whole day if the shoot happen to be a series. 

All photo will be edited and then send in CD Form or e-mail within the contract deadline or agreement with each party.

My grad show is coming soon, I will need interested members to be my model . E-mail me if you are interested to know more about it. =)

17 more to go~!

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