Thursday, March 5, 2009


One of my favorite anime for all time. The creator of this anime is also the one who create evangelion.

Reference: Raxephon wiki

Although this anime seen to be abit robotic like the storyline wise is more toward the side of human feeling. Partly this anime mention about Mayan calendar which stated that the end of the world/ A new era will begin on 2012.

Reference: 2012 Doomday
Mayan Calendar

The storyline is abit similar to gundam seed / Destiny like how earth vs coordinator and in this anime is Terran vs Mu.

What so great about this anime?
Well, if you like evangelion then of course you should watch this anime since it the same creator and understand more the message given by watching finishing the anime. Inspiring and motivating in some way, especially the part when the main character alway in trouble, his dream gal will appear to give him strength so we can see from the anime that love can motivate and push a person over the limit.
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At the last episode, you can understand more about yourself toward society. Much much more blah blah....

The anime also consist element of literature adding more colors.

Alright, I want to watch and where to watch?

Link: RapXephon Anime

Recommend to watch with Firefox!!

The ending song ( English version )

Super Robot War MX trailer

RahXEphon was selected in Super robot war MX!

Super Robot war MX ending:

Super robot war was a game consisting many different Super robot and Gundam series. =)


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