Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I am wondering

Self reflection help only abit alone because most of the time,  we do not know what the problem or mistake we have done. Be happy whenever your friend hint you something right or wrong. 

I am now in a dilemma not because of my FYP but also in my attitude toward life. I know I wasnt been truth to myself. I am a great actor and liar to myself. For now, it time to reflect again how to start all over again. 
This painting show 3 rabbit facing some kind of unknown background. Endless stretch of plain without any path or guidance. 

From romance of three kingdom. Liu bei once stand on the top of the mountain with his 2 brother Guan yu and Zhang fei. He say out his ambition and how despair he feel for unable to fulfill any of his dream. Through the conversation, the brother bond became stronger as they look across the land.

The 2 other rabbit symbolize my family and my friends who stand and guide me through their life. 

I draw this 2 painting out of sudden. Simple and rough but the message is there not for me but also everyone.

There will come a day when you know how important Family and friends are.


Wow....this is sure a crappy post. Lmao

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